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This is not fun like a snow day

I was out of school today and just got the automatic voicemail that we're closed again tomorrow. It makes me nervous that they called it so early (my district is notorious for calling off super late), so I'm hoping that it's either because the other high school is still unreachable or else they're worried about the water being shut off in the middle of the school day which they have to send us home for anyway. I'm hoping my building doesn't have a bunch of damage or anything.

Downtown seems to be a gigantic mess, my mother's office is closed for tomorrow as well. Around me things aren't that bad, I went out and took my mother to lunch and stuff, so we're lucky. They might shut off my water though, is what i hear, and 2B had his apartment flooded enough to need new carpet but not much other damage.

Yay four-day weekend, I guess. we are going to be making up shit until the end of time Orz. at least I can maybe make up for the fact that I have not slept well basically this entire week.

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