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E Sedibus Imis

Good news: my couch is supposed to be here between 10 and 1, and it's like quarter to ten now, so any minute basically.

bad news: my futon/couch is still sitting here because my dad/brothers who were supposed to help move it yesterday, were like, eh the guys can do it.

me: the furniture store told us expressly that they would NOT do that.
dad: you can just move it to the side.
me: to the side WHERE? look at my apartment! besides, I want to sweep before they put down the couch that I can't move around and things.
dad: well when they call you, you can call us and we'll come over.
me: *getting entirely frustrated* they already called to say they'll be between 10 and 1! they aren't calling again. they're just going to show up! They aren't going to stand around here for like twenty minutes while you wander over here to do something I want you to do RIGHT NOW.
dad: i guuuuess that we can come over tomorrow morning before ten then.

(also my mother decided that instead of just sitting the futon outside for the trash/someone to take it, which is entirely okay, they need to take it to their house and put it in the garage to put out for the trash guy one piece at a time. ffs.)

*FULL OF ANNOYANCE* so they ARENT here, as you can tell, and i need to call them and be like, get your asses over here right now, but I just don't want to because they are so fucking useless on the phone. I don't understand at what point I lost all capability to put with with this crap, or if it's that overnight they became 90 times more annoying or what, but FOR SERIOUS. i really don't think any of my request was confusing or unreasonable.

uuuuuuuuuuugh i just want my new couch.

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