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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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But My Couch Is Still Awesome

Waaargh, school was totally hard after the bunch of days off, and since it was so unexpected and we're so close to the beginning school, I was all anxious all morning like for the first day of school all over again. No word on when/if we'll have to make up the lost days, but a couple districts around us were still off today, so maybe we'll get pardoned some of it.

Also i found out, just because somebody mentioned it in earshot, that the middle school's back to school night is this Wednesday. not prepaaaaared, omg, plus, i already have another meeting scheduled then. ah, the double-booking, already it starts.

All right, I am five episodes away from the end of Monster, and I'd really like to finish it because watching a bunch of it right before bed last night did not improve the quality of the anxiety dreams, let me tell you.

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