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Aloha, Baby

i FINALLY managed to use my United airline miles! man I thought that was never going to happen and eventually i was going to have enough to go to the freaking moon, but I tricked them somehow into letting me go out to visit musikologie for Thanksgiving! Huzzah! 80k miles + (somewhat hilariously) $10 = Hawaii!

on the other hand, there's no way around flying an American airline this trip, so instead of feeding me 95 times like ANA does, they will feed me zero times on my 9 hour flight. I really think that I should not have to pack a lunch for 9 freaking hours on a plane Orz.

The end of Monster did not thrill me. I felt like after all of that it was a pretty big letdown honestly. So overall I guess I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't rewatch it or anything. Feh. I might give Death Note another shot next since I read it but never did finish the anime, but right now I'm watching more Ancient Aliens episodes because my head is killing me for totally no reason so i'm just sprawled across my couch, leaking ennui onto the microsuede.

Here, have a kenpig i've had tabbed for days.

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