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Et tu, Panera?

I have no desire to detail how much today sucked, but I will say that it ended with the worst Panera sandwich I have ever purchased and my truck nearly being struck by lightning (this is not an exaggeration) in a completely ridiculous storm, and the part i'm most irritated about is the sandwich. I mean really, I've never ever had a terrible sandwich there, did today really have to be the day? I just wanted a steak and cheddar panini, is that so much to ask? It didn't even have cheese of any sort on there. ;______________;

waaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. at least one out of two parent nights is now over. it went okay up until the part that I was running for my life across the parking lot because of lightning/hail.

but I did get an email that was apparently meant for my brother (our RL emails are super close) which asked me if Julio could use the vacuum in the lobby to clean the house. I was like, that's fine with me? and cc'd my brother, then ten minutes later 3B called to be like "why are you letting Julio in the house?????" ahahahahahhaha.

i should go to sleep early because I am totally behind on sleep already, but tbh i totally don't want to because then it will tomorrow already. noooooooooooooooo. what is this 5-day work week shit.
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