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I am Justice

Student A: "My pen won't work!!"
Student B: "Did you try setting it to 'wumbo?'"

Today was better at least *ganbarus* not like it could have been worse than yesterday. plus on Thursdays I get to hang out with Other Latin Teacher, and even though technically I guess I'm tutoring him in his AP Latin, for me it's just honestly a relief because a) I totally enjoy him and b) it's the only time ever I get to talk to somebody about what I teach directly, like math teachers can talk to other math teachers and stuff.

I am also totally enjoying Room Buddy Teacher, the guy whose room I teach in first period at the middle school every day. He's really funny, and he's off when I teach so he's usually in the back of the room at his desk, so we talk over the students' heads and things. Actually last night I dreamed that he asked me out, and right after I woke up i was like, huh, that was nice since nobody's done that since college, and even then it happened just the one time ever.

Then after a minute my brain caught up with itself and I realized no, actually that's super depressing. sigh. anyway, only one more school day this week, at least.

...Yamaguchi Kappei is L in Death Note? Really? Holy hell, he is like my favorite seiyuu ever (he's also Usopp in One Piece, and Inuyasha in Inuyasha), plus having seen him in person I can tell you he's ridiculously adorable. He's pretty much Usopp brought to life. Also evidently he made up the Sogeking theme song totally on the spot. That was also the panel where somebody asked what the other One Piece voice actors were like, and Kappei's answer was like "everybody is pretty much just like their character so it's a lot like hanging out on the Going Merry" and we were all like O________O omg let us come too.

I really wanted to write something for Miyata's birthday and also the je100 challenge this week, but ugh my brain. cannot manage.
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