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Datte is Serenading me

*weekend! yay!

*beginning of school cold! whyyyyyyyyyyyy. Actually I'm not sure what's going on yet but i've been sniffling like crazy since last night and I don't feel that hot so my plan is just to loaf around.

*but I might ask if my mother wants to go out to the lancaster outlets because a)my last pair of jeans that fits doesnt really fit that well exactly, and b) apparently there is a whoopie pie festival on down there this weekend, and I want a lemon whoopie pie like you would not believe. Pumpkin ones are out too (OM NOM NOM) since pumpkin season started out here, but i can get them locally.

*i am depleting my one remaining bag of pumpkin hershey kisses from when they made them a couple years ago and I'm so sad about it because who knows if they'll ever make them again. but they are so good!!! they are pumpkin on outside and have white cream inside.

*I totally ruled both Dress Barn and Old Navy with internet coupons yesterday afternoon, even though I was still a tiny bit drunk from having a Dragonberry Mojito with people right after school. Wth ridiculously strong drink. Last time that happened I had to go to the store right after and was totally confused by all the different kinds of sugar and had to call my mother to ask which kind was regular sugar and she was like "are you drunk at the grocery store? at 4:30 in the afternoon??" maybe ._.

*I am out of Ancient Alien episodes to netflix which is kind of sad because the normal egyptian/ancient world documentaries lack that spray-tan orange guy who just cracks me up.

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