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Sneeches on Beaches

Spent the afternoon at Nephew's 3rd birthday party. How is he already 3?! He was very excited about the spaghetti playdoh thing i got him, almost as excited as he was about having pizza and cake. Also he got a GIANT DINOSAUR which i was totally jealous of.

2B and 3B showed up hours late because they were watching a football game at a bar like complete douchebags, and both SiL and I are pretty sick of their joined-at-the-hip douchebag routine. I thought it would wear off after he'd been home a little while, but it's been 3 months so maybe not.

I finally got some jeans that fit properly again, proving that i really only can only buy jeans at the gap. Flares are back, which I love, but they only had one pair in my size at the outlets so i got bootcut as well.

I've been on an origami kick, and I just finished making a kusudama that I think I'm going to give to Chem Teacher Friend. I want to try doing some butterflies next so i can make a wreath for my door that nobody will tease me about being holiday specific (it's been a heart for like two years) and maybe some happy good luck bats (click 'more models' and it's in the other batch) for the halloween thing i bought for cheap this morning.

Now i'm watching Jekyll which isn't as entertaining as Sherlock but is decent enough I suppose.

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