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Miss Mocha: the Hachiko of Guinea Pigs

My mother called yesterday to tell me that 3B's guinea pig, Mocha, died yesterday morning. She lived with my parents the whole time 3B was away in Italy, so she was pretty old for a guinea pig. 3B had her trained so that when you got her out she would just take a nap on you, so yesterday morning when he got her out like usual, she went to sleep like usual and then that was it. She was just waiting for 3B to get home I think. She tolerated the rest of us, but she really only loved him.

so I will tell you my favorite Mocha story: when he was in college, 3B hid Miss Mocha's cage under his bed so his landlord wouldn't see her when he did his pre-Thanksgiving break check, and then went to class. That night when he came home for the break, a 45 minute drive, my mother was like "where's the guinea pig?" and 3B was like "FUCK." and had to drive the whole way back. I went with him, just to go along, and when we got off the highway, the sign on the McDonald's right there read "NEED A MOCHA?" and 3B was like "oh come on!!" Then she was all pissed off and ruffled up when we pulled her out from under the bed where she'd been in the dark all day.

waaah pigs. how can they be such tiny-brained little poop machines and have such big personalities? Also I think this is the first time my parents have had zero guinea pigs in the house since I was 5. I give it a week.

anyway, Sunday is now sibling lunch day, and then my mother and I are checking out all the new yarn at AC Moore, which probably doesn't sound exciting, but I am totally psyched for it because I am a loser. Yarn raffle!

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