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Patience = Zero

Back to School Night is over for another year. Huzzah! by which i mean, feh. but miraculously we have tomorrow off for rosh hashanah so at least I don't have to crawl into work tomorrow. If only this could happen every year.

also it will not. stop. raining. every single time I have to go outside it pours, which, now that I travel from building to building during the day, is more often than I at all enjoy. It also made dropping off my car for inspection a special sort of fun, since the bottom of my parents' development, which is the only easy way to get to my garage, totally flooded.

my comms keep splitting and it's driving me crazy. I don't want to follow fifteen comms per fandom, I want to follow ONE, and half the time I barely want to even do that. I'm sick of adding and adding and adding. Do you know how many goddamn comms I belong to? Attention LJ users: LJ lets you sort by tags on your flist! No lie! It's true! If you just want news, TELL IT YOU JUST WANT THE NEWS TAG. If you don't want news, EXCLUDE THE NEWS. It's seriously not hard, guys.

I just feel like it's the same conversation I have constantly with my ever-more-self-involved students, where they say, I want it to be exactly this way that I want, and I say well here you can make it that way yourself, and they say no what I really mean is that i want you to make it that way for me while I make essentially no effort.

Sigh, whatever. Tomorrow I get to sleep in and then have sushi for lunch and I have hopes that I might go a whole couple hours without being rained on.

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