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If Only I Could Send Sanapig on a Food Mission, That Fat Furry Freeloader

throat huuuuuuurts. body why. I limped through pep rally 2 of 3 in a row this afternoon hoping the whole while that we please dear god lose this weekend because so far we are undefeated and if we beat our rival school this weekend for the first time since the 1970s I think we will have a pep rally every. single. week. until football is over. and maybe even that won't make it stop D:

also I found out today for sure that other, much newer teacher in my building totally is new dept chair. I keep trying to convince myself that i don't care, that it's a thankless pain in the ass (which it is), but it isn't working because I for serious do care. She's been here two years! she complains all the time about how she can't handle all her preps! This is my sixth year and, oh yeah, I DID THIS JOB ALL LAST YEAR. She came by today to get the pile of department junk that I was handed last year and I had to put on my grownup face and chat, which i'm sure is only a tasty preview of how dept meeting will be next week. I was hoping by then I could stop feeling quite so butthurt, but having to talk about it directly for any length of time just proves to me that no, that will not be the case.

just what the fuck ever. people were going out after school today but I just couldn't do it and so now i'm lying on my couch, thinking about how if the universe were fair this would be the one friday night my parents would be around to at least take me out for food (it isn't). so i'll probably just go on lying here until I have to get up to proctor SATs tomorrow morning.

woot woot.

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