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I'm still driving away, and I'm sorry every day

I think Tottsu (the new[ish] ipod) was trying to cheer me up or at least show support this morning, because this morning Tottsu woke me up with Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle," followed immediately by w-inds.' "Trial", which aside from its applicable lyrics is the PV i looped roughly 1000 times the day after I failed my comprehensives in grad school, and then with Arashi's "We Can Make It." Cute, Tottsu. 頑張ります and all that.

Before LJ went down I had half an entry about dept meeting but i doubt anybody else cares and I don't really want to think about it anymore. it's over, at any rate.

My parents are leaving for a long weekend tomorrow so my father apparently spent all afternoon leaving me voicemail messages, and my punishment for me leaving my phone in my bag for a couple hours is that my family once again went to Friendly's without me. Not faiiiir. I'm also going to end up dog-sitting at least one, if not two, nights depending on what 3B does tomorrow. Damn you, Columbus, your holiday weekend sucks.

i really am sick of being sleepy on the couch and then going to bed and not being able to sleep at all. also I want Friendly's D:
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