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lesson: sara should stop touching stuff

the internet explorer has had enough of me. It's crashing a half dozen times a day or more. I've tried reinstalling it, and moving around prefs, no good. I wish desperately that I could use safari on OS 9, but i am stuck with the black suckhole that is microsoft programming. I'm hesitant to do anything serious to the mac until the ibook is back, because i'm afraid i will kill that too, and then i'll be FUCKED. *eyes Norton cd warily*

Meanwhile, Apple reports that they haven't taken the ibook out back and shot it yet, but no other news. Two weeks sans laptop. TWO WEEKS! I had to borrow Hedwig from Ellen for an afternoon just to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

I have oompa-loompa feet from the rain and my leather sandals. Perhaps when asked to read a poem for creative writing i will simply take off my shoes and chant silly rhymes while dancing about in a freakish manner.
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