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Candy in the Bucket

man this week was SO LONG. also it ended a lot worse for a couple other people I could name at work than it did for me, and I don't want to sound like I'm excited about that or whatever, but on the other hand it was nice not to be the person on the bottom of the pile this particular week, after the previous like month and a half.

I've been jut sort of getting by and crocheting a lot, but next week I'll have to actually plan some junk, on purpose, given that I'm going to be out of school next Friday and Monday, and then it isn't like I'll be top of my game on Tuesday when I come back in after coming home from Ohio late.

Either way, I'm so excited to sleep in tomorrow you just don't even know. I'm planning to hit up the ACMoore to spend my $10 in rewards and drop off a bunch of checks at the bank, and then other than that I'd ideally like to work on my jehols which I think I might even have an idea for, finally. I wrote a couple Halloween drabbles over on the Trick or Drabble post?

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