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the 100th Monkey

whyyyyyyyyy, Miyacchi. allowed level of prettiness = completely surpassed. Also apparently he used Tama's confession line from Ikemen back on Tama by whispering it in his ear and Tama was like "my heart skipped a beat~." As usual, it doesn't surprised me that they do this junk, it surprises me that they tell the magazines about it. Then again, since Nisen and Miyatama are opening competing for 'gayest couple in kisumai' perhaps I should stop being surprised. You'd think Nisen would be winning since they are both vocally for it, but then again, fake protests are so very very fake. Also he is five.

I actually managed to write 400 words of JE Hols just now, which is really a sign of how I will do anything to put off cleaning the guinea pigs. I feel like it is always clean the guinea pigs day lately, goddamn. Also I will have to do it again on Thursday, throwing everything out of whack, since we're leaving for Ohio Friday morning. faiiiiiiil.

also i really need to stop watching documentaries on Netflix since they do nothing but convince me society is going to collapse any second. Since I will be totally useless when we return to subsistence local farming, it's probably better if I just stop thinking about it. Not like I'll survive the internet withdrawal anyway. *clings*

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