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disheartening trip to the podiatrist (for the wart) was disheartening. the guy only does laser surgery on Friday mornings, which means I'll have to take a whole Friday off of school. I guess that's not a huge deal, except i'm out this Friday for bereavement and two Fridays from now for the big gay wedding in Boston, and then the first couple days of Thanksgiving week...I'm concerned about doing it so much. *sigh* so i could do it super early in the morning before I leave for Boston, which I think time-wise is all right, but I am concerned about what I will feel like afterwards. otoh, if I put it off, there's basically no good Friday to do it for weeks and weeks. also i need to call the doctor's office to apparently have a pre-op physical.

complicated, ugh. I just want this week to get over with so this whole Ohio funeral thing is over with, and it just seems like it's one more thing and one more thing, endlessly. No patience D:

maybe if i just sit here and count to a million it'll be Thursday.

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