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Fifteen Seconds In

snowqueenofhoth:also you can TOTALLY see your MIYA uchiwa *l* so congrats you are now in a drama and on a kisumai dvd
mousapelli: Can you? omg

She had to run so I ended up dling a rip of the DVD even thought I swore I was going to wait until I had my own copy here in my hands, and sure enough, fifteen seconds in:

LOL THERE WE ARE on the kisumai debut dvd. *HEARTS* These randomly standing room seats that we were totally irritated about in the end were pretty damn good (esp during filming at the end when we got to move down to 4th row ahahahaha).

also for reference:

the blue chairs below us farthest to the left? right in front of that is where Matchy was sitting. So when I tell you that Matchy is seriously terrifying in person...he totally gave us the Matchy look and I swear to god I could not talk directly to him for a million dollars.

Also, yeah, I didn't mention this super publicly, but I'm totally in the Ikemen Desu ne drama as an extra twice (three times if you count the random flashback). So if you caught the totally random white girl in bright purple strolling about behind Mio when she's shopping in "Harajuku" and making a retard hand motion, you have spotted yourself a Mousi.
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