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Scatter My Ashes on Route 2

Yesterday morning was my grandmother's funeral at the church she attended for 80 years of her life. A ton of people showed up, and the church set up a luncheon for afterwards, it was really nice. The other 2 granddaughters and I read bible passages, and I ended up with the 23rd Psalm which was my grandmother's favorite. It was lucky for me because it was short and really near the beginning, and even then I had to stop twice in the middle to try and collect myself.

well, it didn't help that my aunt, who spoke first and gave the greeting right before me, told us that in her last lucid moments she, my grandmother, and the ICU chaplain held hands and said the 23rd Psalm.

Just to let all of you know, I'm 100% useless during funerals, so I hope none of you (god forbid) intend for me to say or sing anything at yours, or do anything besides sob as quietly as possible because I hate crying in front of people.

Anyway, it was very nice but exhausting.

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