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Anybody want to live right across the hall from me?

I just checked in with my brother to make sure the guinea pigs were okay in the cold snap, and he told me the guy who lived across the hall from me died over the weekend. Apparently the family was cleaning out the apartment when he went over today. Bless that ancient man, he was always outside shoveling or salting or raking or whatever. In the winter he would get up ridiculously early and clean off my truck even though I begged him not to on any number of occasions. Also one time he took me out for drinks to thank me for picking up his mail for a while, and I got so sick on espresso martinis that I don't think I can ever have one again.

That is just such a shame, and the worst part is that I wasn't even there this weekend to run into the family and tell them how nice he was to me all that time. I'll have to ask the rental office if there's an address they have that I can send a card to, or a memorial service or something.

I don't mind telling you, October has sucked just about as much as any month can. I want to start NaNo or do anything else exactly 0%.

goddammit i really wish 3B weren't living in DC so that he could move in across the hall and we could act like we had one really big apartment across the whole basement.
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