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ahhh work, land of...well, not work, anyways...

So Carol's out all week, and I'm supposed to be checking people's meal plans out on her computer. TRANSLATION: Every afternoon, i hang out at the computer and read everybody's livejournal.

It's less mayhem than i caused earlier this week, let me tell you. Monday, I was on Nancy's computer illicitly, trying to find a really mean-looking Rogue picture to make my "Don't sass me none!" icon. So i'm t00bing through all these image galleries. I open up this one site, and before I can stop it, it starts BLARING the x-men theme. Da nuh nuh nhun NUH na NUUUUUUH! Mortified, i glance around, sure that everybody is going to come over and demand to know what I am really doing.

Nobody bats an eye. I wonder what kind of noises Nancy's computer usually makes?

I'm so glad it's Friday! hetaira9 and I are going to the army surplus store after work today, and there's bound to be more PotC this weekend *does gay pirate dance of joy*
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