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Or Maybe Just Non-Failure

Honestly I'm at the point where if I just make it to the end of november and don't have any days where I wrote nothing, I will consider this a success. passing out on the couch at 9pm and waking up after midnight seems like a bad sign. also i am in charge of the turkey for tomorrow's thanksgiving luncheon at school and i'm really worried about whether it's really thawed all through and whether it'll be okay in the crockpot.

the iphone is ordered, after spending an hour on the phone because the website is still broken, which involved my mother using her special AT&T powers (i knew it would) and me dropping $100 because they don't actually have any 3s, you have to get a 4. It isn't that I don't think $100 is completely reasonable for an iphone, it's just that I'm sick of being dicked with.

and speaking of that, my amazon visa 'updated' its whole online appearance and now the 'account activity' page won't show any activity in Firefox. You don't need to know what these charges are for, pffft. Just pay us money! I can only imagine what fresh fuckery will occur when gmail forces me to switch to the new look. I hate how 'updated' always means 'we broke all your shit.'

so exhausteeeeeeeeeeeed. wah.

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