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we've been in this roundabout since 1995

JLPT over *collapses* I was retaking the N3, if I didn't mention before. Vocab was better than last year, grammar was still shaky but reading comprehension was markedly better than last year, there were a ton of passages again but i didn't run out of time or anything. Listening was, unshockingly, a complete fail. oh well, I'll just take the N3 over and over until I die.

which was nearly this afternoon in the car, as my tlist heard at length. On the way down to dc in daylight, my mother's ability to use the GPS was shaky, but she's resistant to new things so I thought, she'll get used to it. So I decided that we were going to have dinner with 3B and Italian Girlfriend after the test, and it would be dark after that, so I was already thinking about demanding to drive then, but after the test, I really didn't want to drive, and i thought in still daylight we could make it the 15 minutes to 3B's apartment without much incident.


after five minutes of having to repeat every single thing the GPS said three times + my mother's usual nervous driving + her inability to STAY in a roundabout FOR THREE SECONDS, i would have leapt from the vehicle if it were going fast enough to kill me (which it at no point was). Sweet merciful Christ, it tells you when to fucking turn, just turn! You don't have to know what street we're on! You don't have to know what the next street is called! It shows you a fucking picture! RAAGE.

By the time we got to 3B's, I was so furious I didn't even want to talk about it, and maybe I'm a jerk and yeah I got a little mean with her, but for fuck's sake, just this one time a year, after I take a 4 hour test, I need her to be an adult and drive us someplace without having some kind of breakdown because there are two other cars on the road and one goddamned roundabout. I thought I was being the competent adult here 99.5% of the time just to be nice to my mother, but it turns out I was doing it because I actually AM the competent adult at this point.

so I drove the whole way home, which I refused to negotiate about other than to say "Give me your keys right now" and she was not happy about that either since the car is brand new, but I hardly gave two damns at that point. The moral of the story is that I have to drive forever, end of story, and next year, during this one annual moment when I need somebody else to fucking drive, I will just take it instead, like i am obviously supposed to.

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