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i wore jeans for the half-day I did work because I am a rebel.

Had kind of a breakdown yesterday at school while being dicked around by the dr's office some more, culminating in having to suddenly call off half a day for school today when I'm already off all Friday. ARGH. Crying in public, yay.

At least I got to sleep in until after 8 this morning as a result of that, which I needed pretty badly. It's like the universe is trying to make me feel better, but is that friend that can't help without fucking up everything even worse. Like, for instance, it's nice that now I don't have to deal with the Spanish teacher's dick reply-all responses to emails about dept meetings, but I wish that could have been accomplished without being deposed as dept chair while I still have to go to meetings and sit there, mortified.

*turns to ring bologna for comfort* yes that's right, I turn to meat in my time of need.

it's dark as hell outside too, and won't stop raining yet again. so my plan is to sit here and crochet and write and hope that nobody calls me and actually wants me to do something for the rest of the night.

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