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A.B.C.-Z will be the first Johnny's to Debut with a DVD next year

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Oricon 12/9 13:27

"Goseki Koichi, Totsuka Shota, Tsukada Ryoichi, Kawai Fumito, and Hashimoto Ryosuke's 5-man Johnny's Junior group, A.B.C.-Z, at the press conference for their new stage show "ABC Star Theater" held downtown on the 9th it was announced that they will have a DVD debut next year. It's the first time a Johnny's group has debuted with a DVD. Until now, their group's strength has been working as backers for very many Johnny's senpai artists, but now they will finally debut.

About the reason for the DVD debut, group member Kawai Fumito said "We want people to see our sound and our performance, and we thought we should show everyone our good qualities, so we asked Johnny (President Kitagawa)-san", and from Mr. Johnny, "I see. YOU guys, since you think that people ought to see you like that, well then, let's debut" and he gave his consent.

 Moreover, "In the age of Smartphones, from now on I think 'showing' will be important," (Kawai), and as well as focusing on current trends of today, "the development of previewing music devices at CD shops, of receiving both videos and music, we want to hold onto the interest of everybody" (Tsukada) they've expressed as their ambition.

As for the contents of the performance, they thought well about everything themselves, the songs of course, the acrobatic dance which is the pride of their group, and how much humorous material they should include, the group called ABC-Z should appeal to lots of people. As for the release date, 2/4 of next year has been mentioned as "before 'ABC Star Theater,'" (Kawai) said, but it seems like it will be a Valentine's present for the fans.

As well, the DVD label and such for the release hasn't been decided, and will be decided by Johnny's Jimusho. "

Corrections welcome. I did this quick just to get it up for everybody, but esp when Kawai was talking, some guessing occurred. Also they haven't done the butai yet so...what's on the DVD? idek. But seriously I would give anything for the conversation with Kawai begging Johnny to cd debut them and Johnny just being like "nn, yeah, I guess we'd better."

I'm so happy for them ♥ MY HEART.

ETA: some other news and congratulations over on the TVfan twitter. I love the support from staff, so sweet.

and from flailinginlove: according to TV Pia's twitter: "From March to May, there will be performances of the show in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka."
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