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Obligatory Nail Post

Actually it's going to be quite the post since I haven't posted any of my nails since about the start of school. Here's what I have for Christmas right now:

I'd done ones like this before, but I still love Zoya's Tama, and you'll see it again near the bottom.

I wasn't happy with how the pink stripes didn't stand out enough against the dark purple, but I got a lot of compliments on this one.

was totally pleased with these. Best use of Konad pattern ever.

These are some of my favorite colors, but the gunmetal at the very bottom was definitely too dark.

did these up for Hawaii, the rhinestone was supposed to be red to match and when i went outside the next day, in natural light i realized they were pink. SO MAD. eh.

I wanted this to be light pink on blue but it wouldn't show up so I switched to white. These are from the new Konad disc I randomly bought in Hawaii with a bunch of ume blossoms.

also i got these stickers which I really liked, but they were a little too 3-dimensional so they chipped off really fast. Used Tama again ♥
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