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Various Pimpings

Some stuff you should be into:

1. Holiday JE Wish comment fic wish fulfillment over on je100. It's just like the Halloween Trick or Drabble, you don't have to write to request from someone (although it would be really nice!). We set it to run for 2 weeks, but everything's so busy extending it is likely.

The KIS-MY-FIC2 Exchange!

A Fanfic Exchange Especially for Kis-My-Ft2 Fans

I haven't signed up yet, but i'm going to! and some other people should too so that I don't just keep on writing fic for yeska_noka like always freaking happens.

3. A bunch of people have expressed interest in the Chaotic Butterfly NaNos recently, so if you aren't on the NaNo filter and would like to read them, you can ask me here (or anywhere really) and I will totally add you. Also if you want the PDFs for convenience here is the link for that, which also includes links to procuring hard copies or else dropping a few dollars on an e-copy if you are so inclined. There is also, as always, the ichiband_weekly fan comm, which anyone is free to join and post at (write me fiiiic).

3a. You're also welcome to read what I have of this year's unfinished NaNo such as it is, and being added to the filter will let you do that. It doesn't have a title, but there is a tag.

3b. I laughed so loud and long that ABC-Z's debut dvd is called 5stars. Johnny, did you just debut my fake unit?!

Can I just stay off from school always? I feel like an actual human being. It only took a whole week off ._.

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