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i call do-over

so listen, I generally don't take Valentine's Day very hard. Out of 29 of them, I've had a valentine exactly twice, so I'm pretty used to having it be the case that the only person who gives me anything be my father. It's cool, I don't get too bent out of shape about it, since there's 364 other days in the year when nobody is interested in me either, whatever.

I totally started out in an okay mood, I have a cute new red/pink ruffly scarf I knitted myself and everything, no problem.

1. but it happens that this year Secret Pal time has lasted longer than usual, so I stroll into the high school 2nd period like usual, and the whole ledge underneath the mailboxes is covered from end to end with stuff for people from their secret pals. Cute little bags, stuffed animals, etc, all over. Does my Secret Pal come through? Nope. And even then I would have probably shrugged it off, except I didn't get anything at all from them all of last week, so I thought we were leading up to something. sad ;__;

and also the person I have will not shut up about how they got (fake, chocolate) coal from their secret pal (me) at Christmas and how it was mean. It wasn't mean! It was funny! I'd be ecstatic for some fake chocolate coal right now!

2. I'm not even going to talk about anime club. ugh.

3. then I go out for a grocery store run since it's luncheon day tomorrow, even though it's icy raining and ugh, and on the way back I am like, I will stop at Dunkin Donuts and get myself a coffee and a cute donut! I can buy myself a donut if nothing else! I can't, because the Dunkin Donuts is somehow entirely out of donuts. whaaaat. ;___________;

4. and now i've just gotten off the phone with my parents, who drunkdialed me as they were leaving their fancy Valentine's dinner date to a) tell me how good their salmon was at length ("What did you eat?" "reheated drama night meatloaf? wth did you think I'd be eating?!") and b) inform me I have to go take care of the dog after school tomorrow. *beats head on table*

what the hell seriously. I have two coffee milk kitkats left for an emergency and I am eating one of them right the hell now.
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