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i will just cling to my couch and netflix

Training all day at work, in the morning it wasn't so bad, but then in the afternoon i was supposed to be a trainer...except only the teacher who drives me crazy showed up, and already knew how to do the thing I was training for. I was like 'why did you take this?' and she was like, i thought I'd learn some more tricks because my students are so awful. I was trapped alone with her for 2 hours.

on the way out of the building I ran into the lady responsible for scheduling all the sessions and briefly outlined my intense misfortune, and she was like, yeah, you took one for the team there. FEEEEEH.

I'm totally getting sick and completely exhausted besides, but i've been off the wagon in terms of calorie count the last few days, so I went to the gym while I was already reasonably cranky to try and off-set that. Came back to an email from Other Latin Teacher about how our AP course is changing all around next year and we're going to have to re-submit syllabi (fuck the fucking AP board sideways, seriously) and fired back a doubly cranky email that OLT doesn't deserve since he's not the source of my angst.

and then on Monday I made the mistake of giving the carless Spanish teacher a ride home, and now she keeps tracking me down for a ride. Year of the Dragon, I curse you!

Going to King of Prussia tomorrow morning with Mousamama, Chem Teacher Friend, and CTF's mother. Having lunch at Cheesecake Factory! *struggles to think only of the tasty tasty food*

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