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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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the gym is the listening section of my soul

I'd been up about fifteen minutes when it turned out that on top of being too stupid to pass the JLPT (or even achieve the same score I did last year), I was also too fat for my jeans, at which point I completely melted down. So it's probably for the best that nobody has ever and probably will ever want to live with me, so that I can at least not humiliate myself in front of anybody.

I don't even know why I pretend that just eating sensibly will be enough to keep that from happening, when I have 29 years worth of experience that says unless the gym consumes my entire life, there isn't going to be any progress. I hate the gym ;___; and i hate how as soon as I get serious about it everybody wants to talk about it and tell me how I'm not doing it right or it would obviously be working. OBVIOUSLY. ;__________;

also it is clean out all the guinea pigs day, which is no more than I deserve at the moment, probably. ugh.

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