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Title: Idiots [Kitayama/Tamamori/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: R for threesome, blowjobs
Summary: Miyatama are the reason that Kisumai has a radio show instead of being allowed on TV.
AN: Cause Kitayama totally cockblocked Miyatama on the radio show this week, if 'cockblock' means 'spent a third of the show encouraging them to talk about how in love they are.'


The glory of the radio, or maybe the saving grace of it, Kitayama's not sure which, is that there are no fangirls to see it when Miyata reaches over in the middle of their talk to grab Tamamori's hand. Tamamori doesn't resist or argue while Miyata laces their fingers together, leaves their joined hands swinging casually between their chairs.

Idiots, Kitayama thinks to himself, and then in the next breath, bless them.

"Oi," he says when the first song is playing, "you two are the reason we have to be on radio and not television."

Miyata just grins back at him, and Tamamori gives him a reproving look that is so transparently affectionate that Kitayama wonders if he's ever managed to fool anybody ever, really. Tamamori tugs at his hand in a token effort to free himself, and Miyata tugs back much harder, pulling their hands close enough towards himself that he can brush a kiss over Tamamori's knuckles.

"Staff," Kitayama warns, because enough is enough, and the song is almost over anyway, and they should really talk about something besides how much Miyata loves Tamamori (and how feeble Tamamori's resistance to him is).

After the show, the three of them decide to go for food together, the kouhai trusting as usual in their leader to know where the best and closest food can be found.

"Leader is amazing~," Tamamori extols Kitayama's virtues when the gyoza is crisp-bottomed and perfect, and Miyata agrees with his eyes because his mouth is full.

Kitayama tries not to enjoy the attention too obviously; it's not as fun when Fujigaya isn't there to witness it. "Aside from that, what's this about only members calling you Tama? I'm not sure I'm all right with that." It hadn't sat right with him, the idea that Tamamori's 'real' friends all called him something different.

"Mm," Tamamori says thoughtfully, "but it's more like, only members are allowed to call me that? It became like that, in the end."

"Ah, that's fine then," Kitayama agrees right away, liking that much better.

Gradually the conversation turns away from Tamamori's nicknames and even the crispiness of the gyoza, to what Kitayama's plans are after eating.

"Trying to get yourself invited over?" Kitayama inquires mildly, raising an eyebrow. Miyata and Tamamori grin back, entirely unashamed.

"We'll make it worth your while," Tamamori promises, not even bothering to check in with Miyata first. Miyata doesn't look opposed, though.

"I suppose I didn’t have any other pressing plans," Kitayama shrugs. It's okay to spoil your cute kouhai once in a while.

And Tamamori looks very cute indeed, naked and sprawled out over Kitayama's sheets, stretching lazily.

"I don't even know where to start," Kitayama comments to Miyata, watching out of the corner of his eye as Miyata strips off his familiar plaid shirt, and then the T-shirt underneath.

"Can't go wrong," Miyata cheerfully advises, "pretty much no matter where you start."

"Oi!" Tamamori says, but it's more to get them moving than in actual protest for anything they're saying, or, for that matter, how they're running appreciative eyes over his pale skin. He doesn't even seem to mind scrunching around on the bed himself for the moment, given how he eventually adds, "Ah, mattress-san, Leader did a really good job picking you~."

"That's because I took my time and chose carefully." Kitayama reaches over and gives Miyata's non-existent waist pudge a playful tweak. "You know, to make up for the weirdos that got jammed into my group suddenly."

Tamamori gives him a showy pout, and Miyata makes sad eyes at him as well as he reminds, "Aw, we're your precious members! You should treasure us." He grabs Kitayama's hand and tugs him down to join Tamamori on the bed, apparently at his limit for just watching.

Kitayama can't say he disapproves of this plan, since Tamamori arches beautifully under their combined hands. Miyata leans in to lick at one of Tamamori's nipples, while Kitayama trails a hand low enough to make Tamamori whine.

"No teasing!" Tamamori protests, but his wriggling just makes his skin rub against theirs all the more, since it isn't like Kitayama has the gigantic sort of bed that Tackey-senpai or even Koki go in for.

They're not quite at KAT-TUN's level. Yet. Kitayama has hopes for when Miyata and Tamamori finally give in and get their own place.

"Ask nicely," Kitayama says. Miyata lifts his head to see, his Tama-sense alerting him that something worth seeing is about to happen.

"Please?" Tamamori playacts innocent well (so much practice), but the glittering dark of his eyes is what makes it so appealing. "Use your mouth? I'll definitely return the favor…"

Miyata groans quietly, and Kitayama grins as he imagines Tamamori staring up at him from much further down, lips stretched around his cock.

"Hmm," Kitayama says, like he's debating the merits of that offer. He shrugs a shoulder towards Miyata. "But what about this guy?"

"Oh, him," Tamamori sighs, impatient.

"I don't mind helping out," Miyata says, ever accommodating. He grins back at Kitayama, eyes scrunching up. "In either situation~."

Just for that, Kitayama leans over and presses his mouth firmly against Miyata's. Miyata gives a surprised hum before leaning into the kiss, both of them ignoring the way Tamamori is whining for attention under them. Kitayama takes his time, enjoying Miyata's easy surrender to him, the way Miyata chases Kitayama's tongue with his own when Kitayama starts to pull back.

"Heyyyyy," Tamamori says, louder, and Kitayama reaches without looking to tweak one of his nipples sharply, making Tamamori squeak.

"Mm," Miyata keeps his eyes closed a few seconds longer after Kitayama finally does break the kiss, and Kitayama enjoys the view, Miyata's cheeks lightly flushed, hair curling into his eyes.

"Makes me wish we had another butai together," Kitayama chuckles suggestively. "All that time, just the two of us, no other members distracting us…"

"That's totally not fair!" Tamamori tries to interrupt yet again, pout on the verge of becoming real. "I got stuck with Gaya and all he did was torment me! Not in the good way, either!"

"Oh, relax," Kitayama finally relents, tweaking Tamamori's nipple more gently. "Your Miyacchi was a true gentleman, he would barely play at all without you there."

"Ne, really?" Tamamori turns to Miyata, eyebrow raised, but there's happiness lurking underneath the skepticism, surprised pleasure. Kitayama wonders, not for the first time, how these two even manage. If Miyata hasn't told Tamamori that, what was the point?

"Course," Miyata answers Tamamori earnestly. "Like he said, I'm your Miyacchi, right?"

"Seriously, Toshiya," Tamamori tsks, but he favors Miyata with a long, sweet kiss, and Kitayama guesses they manage well enough, after all.

Ready to get things back on track, Kitayama edges down far enough to flick his tongue against Tamamori's naval, and that sure gets his attention fast enough. True to his word, Miyata helpfully rolls Tamamori up onto his side, making it easier for Kitayama to start licking at Tamamori's tip, one arm hooked over Tamamori's bottom thigh to keep him from bucking his hips. More than that, Miyata trails fingers down the cleft of Tamamori's ass, toying with the soft skin there as Kitayama gets serious about going down on Tamamori.

The double assault is more than Tamamori can take, and it's only a couple of minutes before he's tugging at Kitayama's hair and groaning a warning. Miyata has two fingers inside him by then, is curled around Tamamori's back and whispering in his ear how good he looks, how good Kitayama's mouth looks on him. Kitayama pulls his mouth off of Tamamori's cock to wrap a hand tight around him, and half a dozen good strokes is all it takes to get Tamamori to spill over his stomach and Kitayama's fist.

"Mmm," Tamamori sighs, pleased, and then again when he draws Kitayama's hand up to lick his knuckles clean.

Kitayama ends up on his back to have the favor repaid, the ideal position so far as he's concerned, Tamamori on his hands and knees and putting his pretty mouth to very good use while Miyata pushes into him from behind. The steady stream of moans and whimpers coming from Tamamori's throat buzz against Kitayama's cock pleasingly, especially given how Miyata's thrusts push Tamamori down onto Kitayama far enough for Kitayama to really enjoy it.

Not bothering to hold back, Kitayama reaches his limit about the same time as Miyata. He gives Tamamori the same courtesy of a warning as he'd gotten, but Tamamori makes no move to pull back, swallowing Kitayama's release with another muffled moan and sucking him clean. Kitayama is still basking in the afterglow when Miyata gives in, then collapses on Tamamori's back and sends both of them down in a heap on top of Kitayama's legs.

After he's come down the whole way, Kitayama untangles his limbs from theirs and crawls out of bed to stretch. Miyata is still curled tightly around Tamamori.

"Hm?" Miyata asks. Tamamori barely stirs, except to curl more tightly against Miyata when he leans up on one elbow. "Something up?"

"Nothing," Kitayama assures as he tugs on a pair of convenient sweatpants, "don't get up. I just have some things to do around the apartment before bed."

It's the truth, although any of the things he's planning to do could wait until morning just as easily. It's more that he gets the feeling, however subtle, that the two of them could do with some alone time.

Kitayama straightens up the magazines on his coffee table and the throw blanket on the back of his couch. He clears the handful of dishes out of his sink and throws some questionable leftovers out of his refrigerator. He goes through the week's worth of mail piled up on his counter, and then he figures that's good enough for him to claim that he's done his duty as host more than well enough.

Sure enough, when he returns, looking them over as he kicks his sweatpants back off, Miyata is sprawled over Tamamori's chest bonelessly, expression peaceful as Tamamori strokes fingers through his hair over and over. Tamamori's own expression is unguarded for the moment, obviously perfectly content with the situation.

"Should we take him shopping for some new favorite clothes tomorrow?" Kitayama asks, making Tamamori look up. "Or is that too much like rewarding him?"

"Way too much like," Tamamori agrees. Kitayama slides into bed beside him, necessarily close, but it feels good, Tamamori's bare skin and the sheets already warmed. "But it isn't like he can be helped, I guess." He lets his head rest on Kitayama's shoulder, since it's convenient.

"You are so far gone," Kitayama says fondly. "You should tell him once in a while, you know."

"That can't be helped either." Tamamori yawns, nose scrunching cutely. "And I'm pretty sure he knows." He pauses, and they both watch Miyata's deep, slow breaths for a moment. "Well…maybe a little more often wouldn't hurt. Don't tell him that."

"Secret's safe with me." Kitayama kisses Tamamori's forehead and then settles into a comfortable position. "PS, he's totally awake."

"Eh?" Tamamori looks down. Miyata is grinning back up at him.

"I love you too, Yuta~."

"Whatever. Idiot." Tamamori closes his eyes, but he scrunches Miyata's hair a little more seriously, and Miyata's eyes flutter shut again.

They're both idiots, Kitayama thinks, letting his own eyes shut as well. But they're the kind of idiots that he doesn't mind sharing his awesome mattress with, once in a while.

Or whenever.

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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