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Cafeteria Fraiche (LA LA LA LA LA)

The South Park episode where Stan's father decides to be a chef like on the Food Network is totally one of my favorites and it's on right now. Ironically we were talking about it at school today and about how it would be the theme of Chem Teacher Friend's Food Network show, after an inopportunely-worded email from the guidance counselor about a new student.

But nothing like the other night on the Daily Show where Jon Stewart's pope voice made me crack up laughing. "Why iz theze birds so angry?!!"

So I had an interminable meeting about voting for a proposed pay freeze next year, ugh. I just crocheted the whole time, thinking to myself, we did this last year. in what universe do they think they're going to get the whole staff to agree to this over again? Plus the concessions are, in a word, laughable. uuuuugh being a grownup.

In better news, as you've noticed probably, I've been forcing myself to write at least an hour every day for about a week now. Now if only I could get going on my kis-my-fic.

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