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Nika is a pretty princess, it's true, and holy shit can Snowmen do this, please?

RARRGH SCHOOL. jr high is ridiculous and i am a horrible person for wishing foreign language would get cut from middle schools just so I wouldn't have to ever go there again, but i don't want to go there ever again. Okay whatever.

also it's 77°F outside and in my world the F stands for 'fuck this' because I need winterrrrr. Why am I getting no winter?!

now for the reason I get to use my Yozak icon: Kisumai as girls, I can't even. LOL (All commercials/making of streaming here or dl just the making of here) I think the best part is either A) how Miyata makes the best girl, B) how Kitayama (apparently) looks just like his mother, or C) how they have on POOFY DRESSES despite the fact that you only see them from shoulders up in the ad! Also Senga is a terrible girl, bless his heart, and I think that is the hair that Fujigaya is yearning for deep in his soul.

I just can't, I, I don't even...I need like fifty icons of this. I would give anything to have been in the meeting where this concept was pitched to them, holy christ.

All right, 2k of the Fic2 fic down and probably like 11tyk to go, so maybe I ought to get on that instead of watching Hoarders episodes I've already seen like five times (they make me feel better about myself, okay!!)

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