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Stuff and Things

*time to clean guinea pigs! feh. Sanapig, clean thyself! *waits* ......damn.

*Miyacchi's purple iphone case shipped, huzzah. The snap-on one I have is not at all cutting it, because there's like an 1/8th of an inch not covered, and it lands there every single time I drop it.

*I'm debating taking the plastic off my windows since it's apparently going to be 70+ degrees from now on, but know if I do that we will plunge directly into an ice age. Hm. Sanapig has taken to napping on his ledge in the sun again, though.

*Fic2 at 7.5k and I'm for real not sure how much longer it will go. So good thing there's an extension, but if this hits 10k I can't say I'll be pleased.

* <-- it's one of those feed the pokemon a zillion berries tasks again. Not sure if the bug is still happening where it says he's already been fed if you're a guest on the site, but if you feel inclined to feed the snorlax and you can, go crazy. It's the yellow berry, for those of you unfamiliar with berry flavors.
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