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Let Me Tell You What I'm About To Do With This Scroll

so. latin festival meeting this morning. snob teacher who is a complete ass to me for no reason took a look at my page of gamma-level Latin original writing that my awesome Latin IVs did just because I asked, and said, "Well, it's quality over quantity."

WHO DOES THAT. fortunately I know this is going to happen every time so I don't get fired up or anything about it, but this time I did retort calmly, "Fortunately, [snob], this has both." Because it's one thing to take a shot at me, but totally another to take one at my students, you complete dick. And I'm going to take a lot of pleasure in repeating this story to several of my classes on Monday. He said a bunch of other stuff but the Q/Q comment was so out of line that I couldn't remember anything else immediately afterwards when we were bitching about him at lunch.

also it turns out it's been a solid week since I updated LJ, but in my defense I spent most of the week writing my inexplicably 10k fic2 assignment. Less defensibly, I realized that it's been 3 months since i've updated the master fic list and like a year and a half since the website. i tabbed all the fics that need to go on one or the other and it's...let's use the word 'terrifying.'

Okay, so, I'm going to try and write an hour while listening to Kisumai album, because I was going to wait until my albums came but then I was so weak to flailinginlove flailing. Senga cockblocking miyatama love song DO WANT.
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