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Fic, 30 Kisses, (1) Ame Ame Ame

So April is my birthday, and this year I turn 30, and April has 30 days, so I've decided to do 30 kisses again (If you're interested, last time it was 26 JE kisses, and the results are here). What this means for you this year is that each day in April you'll get a different ebikisu kiss combination, if all goes according to plan.

Today you get Yokoo/Nikaido.

Title: Ame Ame Ame [Yokoo/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Yokoo isn't sure this wasn't Nikaido's plan all along.
AN: 30 Kisses day 1, Yokoo's Kiss Collection 1.

Ame Ame Ame

"Don't be ridiculous," Yokoo says when Nikaido insists that Yokoo can just drop him off at the train station, really. "It's pouring, and it'll take you forever. Just come home with me."

Nikaido settles back against his seat with only a token snort of protest, and Yokoo isn't positive that Nikaido hadn't been trying to get himself invited over in the first place. He doesn't press it, though, and the silence in his car is comfortable, punctuated by the steady patter of early spring rain on his windshield.

The rain is freezing, pouring down over them, so that even the short dash from Yokoo's parking space into his apartment complex leaves them dripping and shivering, and when they step out of the elevator Yokoo notices guiltily that they leave puddles behind.

He strips Nikaido of his soaked clothing before he gets a chance to drip all over anything else, and hipchecks him towards the shower to warm up.

"And dry off properly so you don't get sick!" Yokoo calls after him as he turns the heater on.

"Yes, mama," Nikaido shoots back, then scurries into the bathroom before Yokoo can do anything about it.

Brat, Yokoo sighs, wringing out their t-shirts in his sink and pulling out his folding rack to hang them up. Their jeans will never dry by morning; fortunately Nikaido is skinny enough to borrow some of Yokoo's, even if the cuffs will trail a good six centimeters on the floor. By then he's shivering himself, bare skin still damp and heater not quite cutting it yet, and he hightails it to the bathroom.

"Geez, take your own advice," Nikaido comments, already out of the shower and rubbing a towel over his head. Yokoo grunts and slips past him to the shower, groaning softly in bliss at how Nikaido already has the water warmed up nicely, the air warm with steam.

When he finally emerges to quickly tug on sweatpants and a T-shirt, Nikaido is already snuggled in his bed, blankets up to his nose.

"It's okay, right?" he asks. Yokoo wonders briefly what Nikaido would do if he said that it wasn't, but only for a second before he murmurs that it's fine. He slides into bed beside Nikaido, not surprised that Nikaido immediately leans his body into Yokoo's, even less surprised that Nikaido is completely naked.

"You wouldn't be so cold if you wore something to sleep in," Yokoo points out, but he curls his arm around Nikaido's shoulders just the same.

"But then you couldn't warm me up," Nikaido points out. He meets Yokoo's eyes, double-checking. "It's really okay?"

Yokoo doesn't bother answering; instead he leans down to press their mouths together, unhurried, Nikaido's kiss somehow still tasting like rain despite the shower.

It's not the first time they've fooled around, but it's the first time there's nobody on the other side of the wall, nobody who can possibly interrupt. It's the first time Nikaido has crawled into Yokoo's bed naked to wait for him, tugged on him with insistent hands until Yokoo's weight is over top of Nikaido, pressing him down into the mattress.

"Hey," Yokoo murmurs when Nikaido pushes up against him, purpose clear. He breaks the kiss to slide lips over Nikaido's cheek, his jaw, making him squirm. "Slow down, there's no rush."

"Wattaaa," Nikaido tries to whine, but it catches in his throat when Yokoo's mouth trails under his jaw and he scrapes teeth gently over the soft skin of Nikaido's throat. Nikaido gasps when Yokoo licks at the spot where he can feel Nikaido's pulse skitter.

"It's nice, right?" Yokoo doesn't really have to ask, since when he lifts his head, Nikaido's eyes are low-lidded and dark.

"Kiss me again?" Nikaido asks, apparently convinced, and Yokoo leans down to fulfill his request since he asked so cutely. Nikaido's mouth parts easily under his, a low note of contentment caught in his throat, and Yokoo thinks that this part can definitely last as long as Nikaido wants.

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