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Fic, 30 Kisses, (2) Tell Me Why

Title: Tell Me Why [Yokoo/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: PG for tickle ninja attack?
Summary: Senga wants to know if he's going to have to work this hard every single time.
AN: 30 Kisses day 2, Yokoo's Kiss Collection 2. yararanger wanted more fic like those ones where Yokoo won't let Senga put out for ages.

Tell Me Why

"Wattaaaaa," Senga whines, standing on his tiptoes, but it takes Yokoo next to no effort to push him back down, feet flat on the floor and pouting. "C'mon, why not?"

He's been working on collecting Yokoo for ages, and it's starting to drive Senga more than a little crazy. None of the other members were nearly this much trouble! But today Senga had decided that he definitely wasn't going to give up until he had kissed Yokoo.

"Why not? Hm, let me think," Yokoo says, as if he is indeed weighing the pros and cons thoughtfully. "Why shouldn't I let my cute, oh-so-spoiled, hugely-age-gap kouhai kiss me in public?"

"This isn't public," Senga heaves a sigh, glancing around the backstage of the Shounen Club practice area, juniors of various ages and unit orientations trotting and running and dancing in all directions. "Nobody's paying any attention."

Yokoo pats Senga's shoulder. "Pass."

"But you’re the last one I need!" Senga protests, trailing after Yokoo with a winning pout that had worked more than well enough on Miyata, that was for sure. And Fujigaya.

And Tackey-senpai, but Senga is pretty sure he shouldn't mention that one.

"You play too much Pokemon," Yokoo advises, and true though that may be, it is not solving Senga's problem. When it becomes apparently that Senga is not going to be brushed off so easily this time, Yokoo heaves a sigh and turns to face him properly. "Why don't you give me one good reason why I should?"

Senga opens his mouth, then closes it, brow furrowed. He'd thought "I need you to complete my collection" was pretty compelling, but Yokoo's face says that he doesn't agree.

"Okay, you just work on that then," Yokoo says, then goes on his way.

It takes Senga a couple days to roll that over in his mind and figure out why Senga being cute and convenient isn't a good enough reason. None of the other members had been opposed. Senga just likes kissing, is all, and Senga likes the other members, and he doesn't see why putting two things he really likes together shouldn't make something else he likes even better.

He presents this theory to Nikaido the next time Nikaido is sleeping over, and Nikaido rolls over onto his back on Senga's bed and scratches at his chest idly.

"But kissing you is fun," Nikaido says.

"I know, right?" Senga flops down next to him, frustrated. "It's not like I'm asking him to marry me or do me on stage or whatever! I don't get it at all!" There's a long pause, until Senga picks his head up out of the blankets and elbows him. "Nika! Say something!"

"Wha?" Nikaido shakes his head a little, the glaze of his eyes returning to normal. "Sorry, I was thinking about doing it on stage."

"Nika!" Senga slaps at his bare chest. "You're supposed to be helping!"

"All right, quit it!" Nikaido slaps back. "Geez. Watta's just weird, I don't know. He's more serious about stuff like that."

"But it's not that serious," Senga protests. "It's just a kiss, it doesn't mean anything."

Nikaido shrugs. "Maybe for him, that's the problem."

Then Nikaido rolls over for a tickle ninja attack, or at least he thinks he's a ninja, and they end up wrestling and yelling until Senga's mother throws open the door and hollers that she had really hoped they would grow out of this stage in their twenties.

The next day Yokoo is sitting on the prop couch, waiting for his turn for solo shots and reading a magazine quietly, when Senga sidles up and stands in front of him. It's hard to be patient and not fidget, but Senga does his best.

After a minute or two, Yokoo lowers his magazine. "Yes?"

"I've got a reason," Senga says, and when Yokoo just gives him a slow blink, adds, "you said to think of a good reason to kiss you, so I did. It's because I want to."

Yokoo opens his mouth, but Senga interrupts before he can say anything.

"I mean, I want to kiss you. It's not like I'm just kissing random members and it wouldn't matter who you are, it's because it's Watta, so I definitely want to kiss you."

Yokoo's expression softens, only a little but enough to let Senga know he's won, and Yokoo sets his magazine aside. "All right, come on, then."

Senga drops into Yokoo's lap and hugs him tightly, heart light with happiness. It was worth the wait, he guesses, since it feels like something important now, something between the two of them instead of Yokoo just being the last ticky box on his list.

"Weren't you going to kiss me?" Yokoo asks, voice amused, when the hug goes on longer than a couple seconds. "Hurry up, if Duet-staff-san sees this you can bet your new wheels that we'll have a new corner to humiliate Fujigaya with."

Senga chuckles against Yokoo's shoulder, toying with the idea of making Yokoo wait, just like he's been waiting.

But only for a second. Then Yokoo's lips are on his, warm and dry and gentle, so perfect that Senga does not in any way hurry up about it, wanting to savor the experience in case he has to work this hard every single time for it.

Plus he kind of would like to humiliate Fujigaya in a corner like this regularly.

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