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Fic, 30 Kisses, (5) Oyasumi Mail

Title: Oyasumi Mail [Miyata/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG for possessive Nikaido
Summary: Nikaido doesn't enjoy this whole 'Miyata goes to Osaka to be a sexy idol in a stageshow' thing.
AN: 30 Kisses, day 5. snowqueenofhoth pitched this idea for the Nikaido/Miyata, and i am a sucker for possessive emailers. Also Nikaido's quote at the beginning is trufax. Totally relevant icon is totally relevant.

Oyasumi Mail

Miyata stumbles into their hotel room and all he wants to do is flop face-down on the bed and sleep into sweet, sweet oblivion. He knows way better than that though, especially since the most recent in a string of increasingly frequent mails from Nikaido today reads, "WHAT DO YOU EVEN HAVE A PHONE FOR?!" followed by quite a string of thundercloud emoji.

Nikaido picks up on the first ring and repeats essentially the same question verbally.

"Sorry, Nika-chan," Miyata says as soon as Nikaido takes a breath. "It's hard to drum and mail you at the same time."

"Hmph!" Nikaido growls, and then there's the whomph of Nikaido flopping onto his own bed.

"It's almost over," Miyata soothes, more quietly. "Just one more day of shows. Then I go back to being plain, boring Miyacchi instead of A.N.JELL's sexy idol drummer."

"GOOD!" Nikaido snaps. "Get back here where you belong already, and don't do any more weird stuff!"

"I miss you too, Nika-chan," Miyata says, refusing to take offense like usual. Also like usual, with nothing to fight against, Nikaido's combative stance melts away.

"Idiot," he sighs. "Don't say it, just do it. Come home already."

"I'll work hard~," Miyata hums, just so that Nikaido will get cranky again and call him some more names.

"Such an M," Kitayama tsks from the doorway to the bathroom as Miyata hangs up the phone. Miyata just grins at him, unabashed. After several seconds, Kitayama smiles too. "Hey. Take a bath with me?"

"Sure." Miyata stands up and strips off his shirt, kicks off his pants. When he turns to follow Kitayama, though, Kitayama chuckles and reaches out to pluck the phone out of Miyata's hand where he's still clutching it.

"Gonna take that into the bath too?" he chuckles. "Don't worry, I won't tell Nika-chan."

"Not worried about him," Miyata laughs too, "but you'd better not tell Tama-chan we've been doing skinship without him."

The shinkansen ride home takes the same three hours that it took on the way to Osaka, but it seems interminable to Miyata. He knows he should sleep, like Kitayama is doing on his shoulder, since it's right to work when they arrive, or at least do something to pass the time. Instead he stares out the window and watches the scenery flash past, counting down the seconds and minutes and kilometers.

When they get to the studio, everyone looks so glad to see them, relieved that they are back safely where they belong. It would make Miyata's heart swell for them, if he saw any of it; instead he only has eyes for Nikaido, the way he's scowling as hard as he can and doing that thing he does where he holds his elbow to keep his hand at his side.

"Nika-chan," Miyata steps close enough to murmur, grinning almost as hard as Nikaido is scowling, "Nika-chan~…"

"Somebody better get that door," Yokoo sighs.

"I'm ho—" is all that Miyata gets out before Nikaido pounces on him, shoving him up against the nearest wall and crushing their mouths together. Miyata hums into the kiss quietly, bringing one hand up to thread through Nikaido's hair, the other curling around Nikaido's waist. Miyata doesn't struggle against Nikaido's force, simply is solid and present until Nikaido's desperation eases, and the kiss breaks naturally.

They blink at each other, close enough to rub noses if they wanted, until Kitayama clears his throat loudly. Miyata glances over to see Senga still hugging Kitayama, but watching Miyata and Nikaido just as openly.

"Yeah, well," Nikaido drops his eyes, "welcome back." He tries to step away, but Miyata's arm is still tight around his waist.

"Thanks." Miyata brushes a last kiss over Nikaido's cheek before releasing him. "I'm really glad to be home."

Then a shadow falls over both of them, and Miyata looks up to find a glowering Tamamori looming over him.

"You totally took baths without me," Tamamori cracks a knuckle, "didn't you?"

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