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Fic, 30 Kisses, (7) Deep Your Voice

Title: Deep Your Voice [Nikaido/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: Hard R, thanks to Tamamori
Summary: Miyata needs Nikaido as a stand-in for Tamamori's massage date
AN: 30 kisses, day 7. I had a massage yesterday so I was thinking about this then, and then the title is a little...well, they don't have a song called "Deep Your Throat" so...

Deep Your Voice

"I've got to go into work suddenly, and I'm supposed to get massages with Tama-chan today," Miyata explains. "Could you go with him? Only if you're free. I could probably try Ken-chan or…"

"Why can't Tama go himself?" Nika shifts the phone on his shoulder as he tries to push the dogs off of his lap, disgruntled from suddenly lack of petting. "Does he really need supervision?"

"Ehehe," Miyata chuckles awkwardly, and then totally doesn't answer. "Anyway, are you interested? Senpai's treat."

Who can argue with that? Nikaido agrees, and mails Tamamori to set up a time to meet at the station, since he doesn't know where the place is himself.

The place is nice, low-key, and the lady that Nikaido is assigned to knows exactly what she's doing. She finds Nikaido's trouble spots right away, and even manages to fix the muscle knot in his lower back that Senga has been working on (and subsequently fucking back up) for the last three weeks.

His appointment had started a little later than Tamamori's, so when he strolls back out to the waiting room, he finds Tamamori hanging out there on the couch. Or more like, he finds a puddle of Tamamori practically melted into the couch, who grins hugely at him.

"Heyyyyy," Tamamori says. "Nika-chan daiyouuuu~."

Nikaido is starting to see why Miyata doesn't let Tamamori go to massages alone.

He certainly can't be sent home alone, his usual space cadet routine amplified to the point where Nikaido isn't sure he won't wander right out into traffic. After he turns around to find Tamamori wandering off in completely the wrong directly for the third time, Nikaido hooks his arm through Tamamori's and drags him to their proper subway platform, and doesn't let go even then. Manager-san will kill him if Tamamori faceplants right in front of an oncoming train.

Tamamori doesn't seem to mind; he leans into Nikaido, mouth close enough to Nikaido's ear that he can hear the breathy snatches of their songs that Tamamori is humming to himself.

"Stay," Tamamori commands when they reach his house, dragging Nikaido inside and up to his room, and the door is barely shut before he's pressing Nikaido up against the door, warm and loose-limbed and obviously wanting as much body-to-body contact as possible. "Stay," he orders again, and then he kisses Nikaido, sweet and coaxing, making want and guilt fizz all along Nikaido's massage-sensitive skin.

"Bathroom," Nikaido gasps when he can get enough air to manage it. "Be right back, okay?" He shoves Tamamori towards the bed, hoping Tamamori won't be too determined, but Tamamori takes the direct order with a shrug. He flops onto his bed as Nikaido slips out the door.

In the bathroom he thumbs a quick mail to Miyata and prays Miyata is in a position to be checking his phone. You didn't warn me about this at all!! he sends. Is this really okay with you???! It's not that he doesn't want…but he wouldn't do that to Miyata, not to any of them.

Yeah, it was awkward to explain? Miyata's reply mercifully arrives after only a minute. It's okay, he's…not like you've never played with us before? I don't mind Nika-chan.

His mind coughs up an image of last time, Tamamori spread out and flushed between them last time, and Nikaido nearly emails back to say but you were THERE last time. He stops himself, though. Miyata wouldn't lie about something like this, if he says it's okay, it's okay.

His phone chimes again in his hand, and Nikaido looks down to see that it reads Also he'll tell me every single detail about it later and then a peace sign emoji.

When Nikaido slips back into Tamamori's room, Tamamori is sprawled out on his back, clothes in a scatter across the floor, hand already wrapped around himself.

"You're back!" Tamamori sounds genuinely pleased about that, if still vague. "You're gonna help out, right? Miyacchi always helps out."

"Yeah, I guess so," Nikaido murmurs, still a little flustered from the mails, but undoes his jeans and steps out of them, strips off his T-shirt and drops it on top. He leaves his boxerbriefs where they are for the moment, not really sure what 'helping' entails.

Tamamori yanks him down as soon as he's within reach, so that Nikaido's weight is pressing him down into the blankets, and kisses him again, humming at the slide of their skin together. After a couple seconds, Nikaido rolls them to the side so that he can get at more of Tamamori, running his hands down Tamamori's back, their skin still warm and the tiniest bit still slick from the massage oil. Nikaido thumbs at the knots of Tamamori's spine, and Tamamori groans into his mouth, rubbing against him more tightly.

"Nnn," Tamamori pulls back just enough to blink at Nikaido from under his lashes, eyes dark, liquid. He skims a hand down Nikaido's stomach and brushes the front of Nikaido's underwear. "What's that, then?"

Nikaido gives the only sensible answer. "Nika-chan daiyouuuu~."

It makes Tamamori erupt into giggles and Nikaido laughs as well, is still chuckling when Tamamori rolls him onto his back and pushes himself down to hook fingers in the waist band of Nikaido's boxerbriefs.

"Let's get introduced properly, then," Tamamori suggests, giving a tug that puts them face to face, and when he asks Nika-chan to please take care of him, Nikaido wonders if he's going to ever be able to look the rest of his unit in the face ever again.

Definitely not, he thinks when Tamamori comments on Nika-chan's cuteness and excellent posture.

"Don't just talk to it," he grumbles, maybe a little bolder than usual himself, but then again Tamamori does take suggestion so well. Tamamori laughs again and leans in to lick a stripe up Nikaido's cock that makes Nikaido bite down on a moan.

It's hot to watch, Tamamori nibbling and licking at him, glancing up at him with those big, dark eyes just to check that he has Nikaido's full attention and smirking when he sees that he does, but it's also a gigantic tease. Nikaido threads a hand in Tamamori's hair and gives a good yank, making Tamamori moan around him and slit his eyes all but shut.

"Please, Tama-chan, come on," Nikaido urges, pushing his hips up. Tamamori just lets Nikaido push in, staring up at him, and that's when Nikaido realizes that Tamamori's been waiting for him to take control.

If that's the way he wants it… Nikaido gets both hands in Tamamori's hair, and pulls him down, slowly, trying to hold back at least enough to see how far Tamamori can go. More than far enough, as it turns out, and then Tamamori gives a long moan when Nikaido is nearing the back of his throat, and Nikaido's control goes right out the window. He fucks Tamamori's mouth in earnest after that, only pushing Tamamori back when he can't hold out any longer.

Tamamori licks away the few drops that landed on his lips with a chuckle, and then Nikaido gives a wrung-out groan when Tamamori leans down to lick his stomach clean as well.

"Mmm," Tamamori says, as if approving, crawling up to flop on top of Nikaido. He rolls his hips lazily so that his own erection slides along the still-wet patch on Nikaido's stomach. "I get something in return, right?"

"Hang on, hang on," Nikaido grunts, still trying to gather his wits. Damn, Tamamori should have a massage every day of the week, if this is what he gets out of it. "Didn't hurt you, right?"

"Nah," Tamamori nuzzles the curve where Nikaido's neck and shoulder meet, making him shiver with an aftershock. "Miyacchi's a lot bigger than you, remember?"

Nikaido opens his eyes and mouth to snap something in reply, then freezes, voice stuck in his throat, as he realizes where Tamamori's other hand is. "Have you been…that this whole time?"

"Mmhmm," Tamamori arches his back a little, working his fingers into himself just a little deeper. "So no rush, because I need Nika-chan back in action for part 2, y'know?"

Nikaido groans and throws an arm over his face, Tamamori's laughter sweet in his ears, and wonders if he's maybe not the one who got tricked by Miyata after all.

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