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Fic, 30 Kisses, (8) Vanilla

Title: Vanilla [Goseki/Kawai]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Kawai needs attention sometimes too.
AN: 30 Kisses, day 8. This one turned out short and sweet.


"Gocchi," Kawai says, very sadly and with very big eyes, not that Goseki sees it, because he's still paging through his magazine without any concern. "Gochiiiiii."

When Kawai's head lands heavily in his lap, Goseki lifts his magazine enough to eye him. "Something you want?"

Kawai just pouts wordlessly.

"Shall I guess then?" Goseki inquires. "Combini out of your favorite onigiri flavor? No? Tackey finally made you take your practice sneakers out and shoot them? Got the wrong Kisumai member's kiss poster in your cd? I hear Koki-kun has a few spare Taisukes." Still no response. "Or have you finally realized that your life has been sadly misspent in an effort to convince 15-year-old girls and possibly boys that you are attractive and successful in bed?"

"Gocchi," Kawai whines, more softly. This time his eyes track to the side, and Goseki follows his line of sight to where Hashimoto is monopolizing both Totsuka and Tsukada's attention, chattering on without pause while the other two nod and exchange bemused glances.

When Goseki pulls his gaze back to his lap, Kawai is still looking up at him sadly. Goseki knows it's a show, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a kernel of truth at the core of it.

"Feeling left out?" Goseki doesn't tease too much for once, tossing aside the magazine to work a hand into Kawai's messy, half-grown-out perm. "Jealous you aren't group baby anymore?"

"I don’t mind being a big brother," Kawai protests, but it doesn't have much force behind it. He heaves a little sigh as Goseki's fingers work deeper into his hair. Eventually he adds, "But maybe I wish I could be both, sometimes."

It's an impossible wish, but that's what their group specializes in after all.

"Ah, but you're still A.B.C.'s baby," Goseki says, voice low so that others don't overhear. It would hurt Hashimoto's feelings if he heard it, as if there were a part of them they're still holding back from him, but Kawai will understand. No matter how cute and talented Hashimoto is, he can't rewrite the whole history of what's between them.

Kawai's expression eases into a faint smile. "Thanks, Gocchi." He sits up and presses a quick, sweet kiss to Goseki's mouth. Goseki accepts it as the thank you it's meant as, doesn't argue when Kawai flops back down in his original position instead of going to roughhouse with the others like usual. It's a little odd, this peaceful and quiet Kawai, but cute enough, Goseki supposes.

That settled, he reaches for his magazine and goes back to reading, content for the moment to let Kawai sit with him peacefully for as long as he likes without asking for anything in return. There'll be time enough for that later, all the time Goseki wants and more.

And as Hashimoto will eventually find out, being A.B.C.'s baby means being very well-trained when Goseki-sama decides to have his favors returned.

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