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just a fang earring away from breaking curses as well as hearts...

Rat on keyboard=deleted entry. Let's try again.

Rupert. Grint's. Hair. Socute! oh please let him keep the sexy hair to do GoF, pleasepleaseplease, say he's imitating Bill, i don't care, just keep it. I wants iconses, I does--c'mon screencaps!

*takes deep breath and recalls that Grint is same age as brother who is too young to remember Nirvana and thus is very very very illegal*

Has anybody else noticed that James and Lily look a little too old in the movies? I mean, war ages you and blah blah, but honestly, they look just as old as Lupin does. Didn't they die when they were like in their early 20s? it's not Lily so much as James, but both of them look just a bit too middle aged, i think.

And I have something to say about wormtail as well. It's not really spoilerish, but :

I dont like the way Peter's really ugly in the trailors (and again with the too old! why?!). It makes me mad, because it's so easy, so evilisugly and goodisprettyful. i mean, clearly he's not supposed to look great, he's had a rough year, but prior to that he spent 11 years being fed and pampered and warm and dry and generally a spoiled pet.

i just want him to look normal. Balding, pudgy, no problem, but not like some sideshow freak. He shouldn't look like Igor for chrissakes, he should look like somebody who might have had friends at some point, who might have been a decent guy.

On the other hand, prolonged exposure means that I am growing accustomed to the 'stache, and also to oldman!sirius. I think Thewlis and Oldman are going to be fantastic, and hearing how much the trio really enjoyed working with them really cemented it. I'm going to cry like a baby for the last half hour of this movie, i just know it...
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