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Fic, 30 Kisses, (13) Tell Me Why

Title: Tell Me Why [Yokoo/Tamamori, Yokoo/Miyata]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Watta swapping and NiSen drinking.
Summary: Tamamori's idea rarely turn out as he plans, much like Kitayama's house parties.
AN: 30 Kisses, day 13; Yokoo's kiss collection 5-6. I really didn't intend to smash these two together, but know, haha.

Tell Me Why

"Tell me again why we ever thought these parties were a good idea?" Kitayama asks Fujigaya.

"Well, you sure aren't having them at my apartment," Yokoo speaks up, wrinkling his nose at the scatter of beer cans decorating Kitayama's low table.

"Wattaaaaa," Tamamori insists, alcohol making him even more pink-cheeked and domineering than usual. "Pay attention!" Beside him, Miyata is giggling at everything, although he's at least more sensible than Nikaido and Senga, who are having an argument about either pokemon or willing kouhai, it's hard to tell which.

"I definitely have WAY MORE than you!" Nikaido bellows, then he kicks at Fujigaya's foot. "And you!"

"You never have!" Fujigaya gasps, indignant.

"Why aren't any of you happy drunks? Why does it just make everybody louder and more competitive?" Yokoo demands. Tamamori whines his name again and Yokoo finally turns his way. "What, dammit, what?!"

"We need you to judge!" Tamamori says.

"Judge…what?" Yokoo asks when no more information is forthcoming.

"Tama-chan thinks he's the best kisser," Miyata explains, then bursts into another round of giggles, earning a glare from Tamamori.

"But this idiot just kisses me, so he's no help," Tamamori sighs, shoving at Miyata's shoulder. "We need an impartial observer! You know, for experiments."

"Is there anybody in this group who hasn't been an observer to your experiments?" Kitayama asks, eyeing them critically. "Or in any group?"

"Kitamitsu doesn't either count as your kouhai!" Senga exclaims, provoking Nikaido into pouncing on him and wrestling him to the floor.

"Hardly any other groups!" Tamamori protests, arms crossed and pouting, way too cute for safety.

"If you count Ebi as our group," Miyata supplies, then adds, "Oof!" when Tamamori punches him in the arm.

"So you pick who's better, okay?" Tamamori crawls into Yokoo's lap without giving him a chance to respond and presses their mouths together.

The others fall silent to watch, aside from Nikaido and Senga's pro wrestling match, as Tamamori tangles fingers in Yokoo's hair and pressures Yokoo's mouth into opening up for him. One of them is making a soft, low noise, impossible to tell which one, flashes of tongue visible now and again. When the kiss breaks, Yokoo looks dazed and Tamamori smug as he slides off Yokoo's lap.

"Hot DAMN," Fujigaya says. "I play winner!"

"Okay, now you do it," Tamamori orders Miyata, climbing off Yokoo to flop back down into his original spot. When Miyata doesn't move fast enough, he narrows his eyes. "Go on! Hurry up and do it! And I'll be watching, so do it right!"

"Actually," Kitayama sounds thoughtful, "I'm starting to see the appeal."

Miyata sits up and slides over Tamamori, but before he does anything else, he pauses at eye level with Yokoo. "Is it okay?"

"Hm," Yokoo smiles faintly, "yeah, it's fine. And just so you know," Yokoo leans around Miyata to eye Tamamori, "so far, he's definitely winning."

"Che!" Tamamori sniffs. "Just get on with it!"

"Please take care of me?" Miyata offers, and Yokoo chuckles dryly as he leans in to get this thing on the road. Miyata wraps arms around Yokoo's neck for leverage after a few seconds. Miyata is cooperative where Tamamori was forceful, willing to please and not at all in a rush.

Minutes later, even Nikaido and Senga are watching avidly, and Tamamori is getting ansty.

"Oi!" he snaps at the pair of them, not that either of them pays him any mind. "That's definitely enough to decide!" The only response he gets is a soft sigh as Yokoo threads fingers into Miyata's hair.

"Maybe he just wants to firm up his opinion a little more," Senga suggests, waggling his eyebrows, then breaking down into giggles when Nikaido unnecessarily adds that by 'his opinion' Senga means 'his dick.'

"I think that settles that," Kitayama says, clapping Tamamori on the shoulder. "Sorry, Tama-chan. Loser gets me a beer?"

"I'm still playing winner!" Fujigaya reminds, but all he gets for his hollering is Nikaido and Senga debating what else they can compete over and have the winner do to Fujigaya. Strip janken is immediately vetoed by Kitayama on the grounds that they're both terrible cheaters and also nobody is ever trying to win.

Yokoo and Miyata don't hear a single word of the entire conversation, until Tamamori flops his head onto Miyata's shoulder and asks meekly if they can't at least share or something.

"And by 'something' he means—OW!" Nikaido cuts off when Kitayama and Fujigaya both cuff his head soundly.
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