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Fic, 30 Kisses, (15) Angel or Devil

Title: Angel or Devil (Which Bites One's Lips?) [Fujigaya/Tamamori]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Fujigaya's methods of persuasion
Summary: This year is Kamen Rider Kisumai, and Fujigaya plans to enjoy it to the very fullest.
AN: 30 kisses, day 15, and I think it's entirely possible that you'll end up with more kisses set in this same universe here. Can I even tell you what I would give to have all of Kisumai do Kamen Rider for a year? I think Nika's head would explode.

Angel or Devil (Which Bites One's Lips?)

It's not the Friday Night Drama Nikaido has been lobbying for so loudly all this time, but when Kis-My-Ft2 gets informed that they will be the stars of this year's Kamen Rider reboot, it's hard not to be excited, despite the weirdness of it. It's work for the rest of the year, and if touring and concerts will be a struggle with all the filming, on the other hand they'll probably get to do a ton of character and insert songs, plus the opening and ending themes.

He's not nearly so excited as the Shounen Anime Trio (Miyata is all but peeing himself), but Fujigaya is sort of psyched in his own way. He loves filming and loves Kisumai, so putting the two together naturally makes a lot of sense. There's talk of having A.B.C-Z in friendship roles, or maybe even Tackey. Also, Fujigaya gets to be on the evil side, and he always looks hottest like that.

"Don't look so happy," Kitayama warns, obviously Fujigaya's foil on the good side, along with Miyata and Senga. That leaves Fujigaya with Yokoo and Nikaido (and man are the Idiot Combi kicking up a fuss about that), with Tamamori as the tortured main character caught in the middle and pressured from both sides.

In Fujigaya's opinion, things could hardly be set up more to his advantage.

"Tama-chaaaan," Fujigaya sidles up behind Tamamori while they're changing for first fighting practice. They're alone, or all but; Kitayama is napping in the corner and Yokoo hasn't shown up yet, but the other three ran out to meet their instructor as soon as they could yank on pants, or in Senga's case, in the meanwhile.

"What?" Tamamori asks, expression wary and looking like he wants to hold his hoodie up to his bare chest for protection.

"This is gonna be so much better than last time," Fujigaya purrs, all sharp smile. "No sweet, wide-eyed Shu, no stupid tea."

"How is that better exactly?" Tamamori demands. "You'll just torment me, it'll be exactly the same as usual."

"No no," Fujigaya corrects, advancing another step or two, "not torment, seduce. See? Way better."

"Seduce to the dark side!" Tamamori tries to back up, then grunts when his back hits the wall. "Not the regular kind!"

"I'm not seeing the difference, to be totally honest." Fujigaya steps firmly into Tamamori's space and puts hands on the wall on either side of Tamamori's shoulders. He pauses there, close enough to breathe warmly over Tamamori's cheek but not quite touching. "Ne, join my team, Tama-chan? You're gonna look so much better in leather and eyeliner."

"I haven't said yes yet!" Tamamori hisses. His eyes dart to the pile of Kitayama, but Kitayama snores on, unconcerned.

"Waiting for our resident white knight to come to your rescue?" Fujigaya chuckles, making goosebumps ripple down Tamamori's arms. "Good luck with that, princess. Kamen Riders don't have a Leader anyway, so you ought to get used to being all on your own. Can you really take care of yourself, hm?"

"You are getting way too into this," Tamamori says, but his scowl is not at all covering up the panicky glances. "Quit being weird."

Fujigaya leans in further, until the only parts of them that aren’t touching are their mouths, enjoying the cute shivers running over Tamamori's body. "Should I take care of you instead? You're definitely gonna say yes, right?"

He crushes their mouths together before Tamamori can answer, swallowing his protests and whatever other cute noises Tamamori is making, reaching up to wrap fingers in Tamamori's hair and tug him into a more pleasing position. There'll be tons of time later to let Tamamori make all the noise he wants, Fujigaya is sure.

A whole year of episodes, at least.

Eventually Tamamori wrenches his face away and shoves Fujigaya back hard enough that he can duck under Fujigaya's arm. He flees to the safety of the others, hoodie in a wrinkled bunch in his hand and no shirt, but it just makes Fujigaya cackle harder. Quit being weird, indeed.

"Tormenting him a bit early, aren't you?" Fujigaya turns to find Kitayama still lying prone but not at all asleep, eyes open and fixed on him. "You aren't allowed to break our dramatic lead, idiot."

"Just because I like to play rough with my toys, doesn't mean I want them broken. You don't trust me?" Fujigaya pouts showily and Kitayama rolls his eyes. "But it'll be good for filming if he's off-balance, won't it? Acting isn't all about what's on-camera. Speaking of, if you really want him to chose your side, hadn't you better start working a little harder yourself?"

"Last I checked, I wasn't a script writer." Kityama stands and stretches, baring a smooth strip of his stomach, grinning sharply when he catches Fujigaya looking. "Not that I'd have to work half so hard as you will." He raises an eyebrow and looks Fujigaya over deliberately, face saying he wouldn't come to the dark side just for the goods Fujigaya has on display.

Fujigaya splutters; Kitayama shrugs.

"Anyway, Miyata's working on that, I'm sure." Kitayama strolls by Fujigaya. "Hurry up, even the evil team isn't allowed to be late to practice."

Fujigaya sticks his tongue out at Kitayama's back and then saunters along behind him, casually like he's going at exactly the speed he intended to go at all the time. At least it's fight practice, where he can "pretend" to kick Leader's lazy ass over and over all afternoon.

When he strolls past Tamamori, he trails fingers along the small of his back, just under the hem of Tamamori's hoodie, over slick warm skin.

"Tama-chan?" Miyata asks when Tamamori makes a high-pitched noise and goes stiff. "Are you okay? You're getting all red."

"Shut up!" Tamamori shouts at him, loud enough to make Senga and Nikaido blink. "I'm fine! Quit looking at me so closely, weirdo!"

Fujigaya grins to himself; it's going to be a good, good year.

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