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Fic, 30 Kisses, (16) Sing For You

Title: Sing For You [Miyata/Senga]
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: One of the things Miyata loves best about Senga is how easy things are between them.
AN: 30 Kisses, day 16. I think this is the first time I've ever written Miyata/Senga, right? They just seem so sweet and warm and comfortable together.

Sing For You

One of the things Miyata loves best about Senga is how easy things are between them.

At the combini before practice, Miyata pays without Senga asking, content with the sweet smile Senga flashes him. He knows that half of Senga's snacks will have been tucked neatly into Miyata's bag by day's end.

The symbiotic nature of their relationship lends itself easily to work, Miyata trusting that Senga will pick up just about everything they need in the first couple of tries, and Senga knowing that Miyata will stay after to work as long as he needs for Senga to finish teaching it to him perfectly. When Miyata gets the whole dance perfectly on the hundredth try and Senga hugs him tightly in congratulations, neither of them care how sweaty the other one is.

"Miyacchiii!" Senga whines piteously during Shounen Club dress rehearsal, the others too rushed to sort him out properly, or too likely to lecture him about being able to dress himself after a fucking half-decade in the agency. Miyata only chuckles gently at how Senga is wearing half of the next costume and half of the one after that, and at least a third of the pieces aren't his to begin with.

"Honestly," he says, stripping Senga back down with practiced efficiency, despite his own costume only being half on, and shoving the rest of his proper pieces into his arms. "There, hurry!"

Senga's eyes are grateful, all the thanks that Miyata wants, even if it costs him the minute he really needed to get his shirt on and buttoned properly for the next song. He takes the lecture from the staff meekly as usual, without offering any excuses or explanation. A.B.C-Z parades by, apparently having taken Miyata's wardrobe malfunction as the latest fashion trend, and Miyata takes the lecture for that with equal magnanimity.

When Yokoo scolds Senga about it afterwards, Senga sidles up to Miyata, shame-faced, and says he's sorry. He means it, eyes sincere, nothing like the forced apologies he gets from Nikaido or Tamamori now and again, with Kitayama cracking his knuckles in the background. Even if Miyata weren't such a soft touch, there isn't a senpai on the earth who could stand up to that look.

"Never mind about it." Miyata hugs Senga, lets him cling as tightly as he wants. "Kouhai are supposed to cause trouble, right? Come on, let's hang up our stuff properly, so we can find all the pieces tomorrow, and get out of here, okay?"

Senga would never say out loud, but Miyata knows he's a bit stung over being replaced as extra frontman. When the staff gets really serious about Tamamori, making a fuss over his haircut and voice lessons and Playzone solo, shuffling him off to do promotions with Kitayama and Fujigaya, Miyata understands how he feels. He's being left behind as well, by his own best friend no less.

Kisumai's baby has always been a bit precocious, especially when he talks about work, but when Miyata sits down next to Senga and bumps his shoulder in comfort, Senga's words surprise him.

"I should have worked harder, right?" Senga sighs, blowing the air up to ruffle his bangs. "I let my voice stuff go because dance was more fun. Taipi's right, it's my own fault. I only put effort into the things I like best, so I lost my chance in the end."

For several breaths, Miyata doesn't know how to answer this serious, almost-adult Senga. Miyata worries about his own place in the group, in Johnny's, often even, but it's strange to hear Senga voice those same worries. For Senga's sake, Miyata puts aside his own anxieties and offers the warmest smile he can.

"I'm glad you're the Senga you are," he says, wrapping an arm around Senga's shoulder and tugging him close, so that his head rests on Miyata's shoulder. "Maybe it feels like a lost chance now, but maybe it's a new chance too, to find the spot in Kisumai that only Senga can fill. Ah, but it isn't like I know where my spot is either," Miyata admits, self-deprecating. "So I guess my advice is useless like usual."

"No, it isn't." Miyata can't see Senga's face, but Senga's voice is quiet, maybe a little thick. "Thanks, Miyacchi." Miyata kisses the top of Senga's head, glad to sit quietly with him for as long as he needs.

His own advice sticks in the back of his mind while they finish Playzone and announce their own concerts. Senga's renewed purpose and energy are a reminder as well, that all of them, just as much as him, have to find the spots that only they can fill, can't squander the chances they're being given.

"I want to have my own corner," Miyata says during the planning meeting where they are all asked for input. "I've been thinking, even fans know I'm otaku right? So maybe something about that."

Later the others will say they were surprised by his bravery, but Miyata doesn't feel brave at the time. When the staff eyes him, some willing to at least hear him out, others not so much, Miyata wants nothing more than to shut his mouth and to do what he's told, like he's always done. But he looks across the table at Senga's steady gaze, and digs up the courage from somewhere inside to at least finish what he has to say.

"It's something different, right?" he asks, cutting off the staff member who is opening his mouth to obviously dismiss the idea outright. "We want to try different things, you just said, things other groups haven't tried. We want to introduce ourselves properly this tour, and…" Faced with the silent stares of the staff, Miyata quails, out of both words and courage. "I, um…"

"I think it sounds interesting!" Senga announces, making everyone's heads swivel his way. He beams at them, and there's a dull thwack from under the table.

"Ow!" Nikaido snaps, then quickly amends, "I mean, yeah, I think so too. If we're just gonna do the same old stuff, then what's the point?"

"It's a first tour," one staff member cautions, "so it won't do to stray so far from your usual image—"

"It might be good for male fans, though," Kitayama speaks up. "Something like that would have interested me, before I joined, exactly because it's not the image of a Johnny's idol I had then. It's not so weird to be otaku these days, either, right? It's not necessarily negative."

"It's a lot weirder to try and make Miyacchi a sexy-type idol," Fujigaya points out, and Miyata might feel a touch hurt about that if his heart weren't already full of wonder at how his group is supporting him and his crazy idea.

"Let's move on for now," another staff member says. "If Miyata-kun puts together a concrete idea for a corner, then we can talk about it as a possibility."

"I definitely will," Miyata says, polite but firm, vowing that he'll repay his unit's faith in him somehow, even if right now he has no idea how he can possibly do that.

He knows how he can start, though.

"Thank you," he tells Senga later, earnestly. "For supporting me, in front of the staff. I know I cause a lot of trouble, but I'll make it up to everyone, I'll come up with a great corner, I'll—"

He's expecting a smile from Senga, maybe a hug; he is not expecting Senga to lean in to press lips against his cheek. When Senga steps back, Miyata's cheeks feel warm, the spot where Senga's lips touched warmer still.

"Do a good job, okay?" Senga asks. "Because I want to be in your corner. I want fans to see why I'm glad you're the Miyata that you are."

"Mm." Miyata nods, excited to get started, so happy he isn't sure his heart can contain it. "I won't let you down."
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