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NYC= too much fun!

so much fun in NYC yesterday with sociofemme. e met meupatdoes at the Central Park zoo (we didn't even get lost going there and rode the subway, which was cool), which is a wonderful zoo. It's got the best penguins ever, and tree frogs, and micedeer (i'm not making this up), and baby marmosets, and japanese snow monkeys...

...go and see it, it's the best $6 zoo ever, hands down.

We trucked back downtown to meet musesfool at a place called Mimi's (52nd and 2nd, excellent place) which did indeed have a bald gay piano player, and really good food.

and musesfool rocks hardcore, of course, if you weren't already on that boat. We definately sat around and talked fandom until ellen pointed out that we'd been there 4 hours and waitress was ready to bludger us with the carafe water thinger.

so worth it though, to hang out with victoria. "Oh Siri, i've secretly become the dark lord through a series of 23 bizarre events, but could you be a lad and buy me some chocolate, and I'll be happy to bottom for you when you return. Kisses!"

what i really need is an icon that says "nicked it".
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