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Fic, 30 Kisses, (21) Body Talk

Title: Body Talk [Tsukada/Goseki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for ABC shower time
Summary: Tsukada doesn't mind if Goseki invades his practices more than a little.
AN: 30 kisses, day 21. Both of these guys are hard to write, yo.

Body Talk

Goseki shows up at Butoukan's practices as often as schedule and location make it convenient, and a few times even when they don't. He doesn't pay Tsukada a lot of mind, instead he bullies Yamamoto casually, tells Bunichi that it must be tough being in a unit where he's not the weirdest guy, shakes his head sadly at Senga's technique and form. Most of all he hangs off Yara, angling for attention and stealing the occasional kiss until Yara finally invokes the power of senpai to shoo him off.

"Can't you tell that guy to quit hanging around?" Yara asks Tsukada as they're warming up. His voice lilts like he's teasing, but he's not, so much. Yara is serious about work after all, and Tsukada understands.

"He doesn't listen to me," Tsukada shrugs. "You tell him, it's you he's hanging around here for."

Yara just laughs. "Tsuka-chan, you idiot. Of course it isn't."

There's practice after that, and costume fittings and a new song and Tackey shows up to check on the progress of his little pets and all their new tricks, and Tsukada forgets entirely about the conversation for a little while. It comes back to him later, though, when they happen to have Butoukan practice early before everybody else starts showing up for Shounen Club practice.

"Oi!" Nikaido storms in just as they are wrapping up and marches right up to Senga to shove at him. "You're supposed to be done!"

"Almost, Nika," Senga says, unimpressed with all of Nikaido's bluster.

"Well, we can't do anything good without you, so let's go!" Nikaido insists.

"You mean you can't," Senga teases, and then laughs merrily while Nikaido's cheeks go pink. Nikaido tells him to shut his face but doesn't argue either, and he gets a quick hug out of Senga because of it. "Get out of the way and let me finish up quick then, since you miss me so much."

"No kidding," Nikaido says, letting Senga push him away, but only moving far enough to the side to lean against a mirror and watch, eyes obviously tracking Senga's every movement.

Aha, Tsukada thinks to himself, because Goseki isn't the blunt type like Nikaido is, so he'd never admit feelings like that. But on the other hand, Tsukada is more than familiar enough with Goseki's legendary possessive side to feel a touch ashamed that he didn't realize before.

So he figures he ought to make it a bit easier on Goseki, and after practice he waits until Goseki chooses a shower stall before slipping in right behind him.

"Gocchi~," he greets, getting arms around Goseki's waist to hug him tightly. "Want to play?"

"Eh?" Goseki looks back over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "Shouldn't your cute dance unit be tiring you out too much for that?"

"Yeah, a little," Tsukada shrugs, making their bare skin slide together pleasingly. "But I miss you. And anyway, A.B.C.'s my unit."

"Idiot," Goseki accuses, but some of the tightness in his shoulders eases, and he lets Tsukada turn him around and push him up against the wall to fit their bodies together properly. "Turn on the hot water. And you're washing my back."

"Sure, sure," Tsukada agrees, reaching to the side and twisting the handle to start up the shower. He lets Goseki tug his head down for a kiss, lets him dig his fingers into Tsukada's shoulders as deeply as he wants, lets him do as he will. Anything's fine he thinks as he sighs into Goseki's mouth and Goseki's fingers skim nimbly down his wet skin.

Goseki's hands are tight on Tsukada's slick skin, and if he's much better with his hands than with words that doesn't mean Tsukada can't listen to what he's saying. Even better this way, since both of their mouths are already busy.


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