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Fic, 30 Kisses, (24) T Song 1 Vs Exit

Title: T Song 1 Vs Exit [Tamamori/Senga, Miyata/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for boyfriend swapping
Summary: Senga and Tamamori compete with Nikaido and Miyata over who is most worth watching.
AN: 30 kisses, day 24. This is actually Tama and Senga's kiss although personally I have no idea which pair I'd be watching, haha. Also title fail XD but I really felt like obvs I couldn't call it anything else.

T Song 1 Vs Exit

"Tamaaa," Senga whines, "pay attention to me~.'

It's an effort for Tamamori to drag his attention away from Miyata and Nikaido, Nikaido pressing Miyata down into the mattress with his weight and holding his wrists down, Miyata groaning softly as Nikaido sucks a line of tiny red marks down his throat. When he does manage to pull his gaze back to Senga, curled cutely against his side, Senga's expression is more amused than anything.

"It's totally killing you that he's not even looking at you, right?" Senga laughs when Tamamori's mouth pinches. "Mm, it is an unusual combination. Totally worth watching."

It isn't that unusual for Nikaido and Senga to sneak into Miyata and Tamamori's room to play when they're in some hotel or other, and it's not even that unusual for Kitayama to escape to Yokoo and Fujigaya's room for some peace and quiet, although he'll most likely be back for bath time. It is unusual for Nikaido to drop onto Miyata's bed instead of Tamamori's, on the other hand, and maybe it's the novelty of it that explains the way Tamamori's already hard under Senga's palm.

Nikaido asks if Miyata wants to fuck him and gets a yes almost before he's done saying the words, and okay, maybe it's not just the novelty.

"We can be worth watching too," Senga suggests, breath warm against Tamamori's ear, and before he can answer Senga's mouth is on his, the kiss rough and wet. Senga slides on top of Tamamori to grind down against him properly, every bit as hard. Tamamori gropes for Senga's waist under his T-shirt and digs fingers in, shivering when Senga moans into the kiss.

He sits up to strip his shirt off and then Tamamori's, both of them sneaking glances over at the other bed, where Miyata and Nikaido are negotiating a switch of positions. Nikaido is already naked, stretching out his limbs lazily so he seems like miles of pale, unmarked territory. Miyata ghosts fingertips over Nikaido's ribs and Nikaido arches up into the touch, cock already flushed and heavy in Miyata's other hand.

"Let me ride you," Senga says, and that gets Tamamori's attention quick enough.

Senga does nearly all the work, so much the better for Tamamori, sitting up on his knees to reach behind and work himself open. Miyata's doing the same thing to Nikaido, although undoubtedly with more care and less hurry, but Nikaido and Senga's moans are still cutely harmonious. It's tough to say whose face is cuter, Miyata biting his lip in concentration, Nikaido's pink cheeks and scrunched eyes, or Senga pushing down on his fingers haphazardly, concentration divided between himself and the low, rough noises coming from across the room.

Finally Tamamori takes pity on Senga (it's not that he just wants to get inside him already, really) and leans up enough to tug Senga's hand out of the way and push his own fingers inside. His are longer and Senga finds that to be entirely pleasing, if the pitch of his moans is any indication. Tamamori curls his fingers a little and the noise that earns him is enough to finally make both Nikaido and Miyata turn their heads for once.

"Mn, paying attention now?" Tamamori asks, grinning smugly at the way Miyata's mouth falls open a little. "Good, then watch this."

Senga is on the same wavelength as him, and as soon as Tamamori pulls his fingers free, Senga sinks down on Tamamori's cock instead, his hand shaking where it's wrapped around Tamamori's base to hold him steady.

"Fuck," Senga curses, but he keeps pushing down, back a taut curve, "fuck fuck fuck…"

"Oi!" Nikaido snaps, "Be careful over—" but his voice cuts out on a squeak when Miyata decides that they aren't being competitive enough and should catch up. He turns his head enough to share a grin with Tamamori before Nikaido demands his attention and Senga settles low enough to regain his balance.

"Ready?" Senga asks, and Tamamori would laugh except just then Senga starts doing that 8-count that the staff said he wasn't allowed to do on stage anymore, driving all the air out of Tamamori's lungs. "Like my accent dance, right, Tama-chan?" Senga laughs, sweet and dirty at the same time, and Tamamori can only hang on and thrust up into Senga's tight heat. "Good?"

"Yeah," Tamamori agrees, struggling to keep his eyes open against the pleasure washing over his skin, to see everything. The noises spilling from Nikaido are just as interesting, and Tamamori isn't sure how much longer he can last when Senga is so energetic on top of him. "Slower, not so fast."

"Okay, sure," Senga obeys easily enough, leaning forward a little, his cock rubbing against Tamamori's stomach, tip damp. "Touch me?"

Tamamori tries to focus on the feel of Senga in his hand rather than how close he is, how hot and velvety Senga's skin feels, how Senga moans sweetly when Tamamori drags his thumb through the bead of fluid on his tip. Senga shifts the hands he has splayed on Tamamori's chest for balance over until he can rub at Tamamori's nipples.

"Ken-chan," Tamamori warns.

"Mm, go on," Senga encourages, and then he squeezes tight all around Tamamori, "I want to see."

The rush of coming forces Tamamori's eyes shut, and when he manages to get them open again, still shivering, he finds Senga looking down at him with keen eyes.

"Looks so good," Senga murmurs, still rocking back and forth a little, and Tamamori whimpers. "No wonder Miyacchi never gets tired of that."

He leans down before Tamamori can answer and kisses him again. It's deep and clinging, Tamamori getting light-headed after only a few seconds from lack of oxygen on top of his release. Senga strokes at Tamamori's temples and cheekbones with this thumbs, the heat of his skin sinking into Tamamori's muscles and relaxing him into a puddle.

Tamamori realizes his hand is still wrapped around Senga and tightens his grip back up.

"Yes, please," Senga begs against Tamamori's mouth, "don't stop, please…" He rocks back and forth between Tamamori's fist and where Tamamori hasn't slipped out of him yet, but it isn't quite enough. Tamamori works his other hand down by touch, flexing his hips so that he does pull out, then rubs fingers around the edge of Senga's slick, stretched hole.

Senga keens and spreads his legs wider, begging with his body as well as his mouth, until Tamamori pushes two fingers inside for him to squeeze around.

"Yeah," Senga encourages, breaking the kiss to breathe and pressing his forehead to Tamamori's, then sighs a soft, "Ohhh," as he shudders and comes over Tamamori's hand and stomach.

Across the room, there's the sound of skin slapping rhythmically against skin, of Nikaido growling things that are either insults or encouragements, with Nikaido it's hard to tell once he starts to lose it. In a minute they'll undoubtedly trade, Miyata curling up tight with Tamamori while Senga lets Nikaido use him to finish, but for this one minute Senga clings to Tamamori, wrapping arms tight around his neck and sighing in satisfaction against his cheek. Tamamori rubs hands down Senga's back soothingly regardless of their stickiness, enjoying the heat of Senga's skin against his own and the shiver of Senga's muscles as he comes down.

"Mmm," Senga sighs happily as he puts himself back together, and pushes himself up on his elbow, "thanks for taking care of me, Tama-chan." He favors Tamamori with one more sweet, playful kiss, then rolls off to join the fun on the other bed.

Tamamori is too lazy to join him, merely rolls onto his side and stretches, feeling warm and good all over. And anyway, he thinks as Senga throws a leg over Nikaido and sinks down onto him, Miyata wrapping arms around his waist to hold him steady and Nikaido clutching at his thighs, he's got the best seats in the house for this particular show.

When Kitayama comes back, maybe he'll be up for an encore.

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