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Fic, 30 Kisses, (26) Road to Playzone

Title: Road to Playzone [Tsukada/Hashimoto]
Rating/Warnings: PG for...yelling? idk.
Summary: Things between them haven't always been so smooth.
AN: 30 kisses, day 26. When they talk about how Tsukada and Hashimoto used to have pretty serious fights at the beginning, I'm always interested in what that was about. I'm glad it all worked out in the end ♥

Road to Playzone

"He's mean!" Hashimoto is all but stomping his foot in front of Kawai on the dressing room couch.

"He's really not," Kawai tries to calm Hashimoto down, but the more reasonable he is, the louder Hashimoto gets.

"He is!" Hashimoto insists. "He keeps yelling at me! He called me weird!"

"You are weird," Kawai points out, dragging Hashimoto down by the end and making him sit down. "You don't get mad when I call you weird."

"That's different," Hashimoto says hotly, but he flops willingly into Kawai's lap, curling up and letting Kawai rub his shoulder. "You say it like you like me. Tsukada-kun hates me."

"Tsuka-chan doesn't hate anybody," Kawai soothes. "He doesn't hate you. He just gets frustrated. It's not easy trying to teach you stuff, you know."

"You don't get mad at me when I can't do all the dances." Hashimoto seems to deflate. "Tottsu doesn't get mad when I don't hit all the notes. Goseki doesn't when—"

"No details until you're eighteen!" Kawai reminds, and Hashimoto huffs a sigh. "And we get frustrated too, sometimes, with you. But those are all things you like, and when Tsuka-chan tries to teach you acrobatics…" He lets his sentence dangle meaningfully, and Hashimoto squirms.

"If I can't do it, will you get rid of me?" Hashimoto asks, voice quiet.

"You can do it, so it doesn't matter." Kawai slaps Hashimoto's shoulder one last time and starts pushing him off. "Let's go, come on."

"Kawaiii-kuuuun," Hashimoto whines, sitting up but not going any further. "He already yelled at me a bunch today."

"And you yelled right back, I bet. Up, and you're gonna apologize too."

"What?!" Hashimoto demands, outraged. "I am not—"

"You are," Kawai cuts him off, and it's so unusual for Kawai to be stern with him that Hashimoto snaps his mouth shut. "How would you feel if you were trying to help somebody when you had a ton of your own things to work on, and they yelled at you? In this group, when we're ungrateful and take our frustrations out on other members, we apologize."

"I'm not ungrateful," Hashimoto stares at his sneakers glumly, "I just…okay."

"Good." Kawai hugs Hashimoto quickly, then shoves him off the couch. "Now go on, get."

True to his word, Hashimoto heads back the way he came in, back to the open practice space, Tsukada more or less exactly where he left him. Tsukada is busy taping up his ankle and doesn't notice Hashimoto at first, but Hashimoto waits patiently, in no hurry to interrupt.

"Hey, Hasshi-kun," Tsukada says when he finally looks up and notices him. His expression is a bit guarded, but not unfriendly.

"I'm sorry for this morning," Hashimoto says, not one for much lead-up. He's apologizing to Tsukada's shoulder more than his face, but he can't seem to drag his eyes any higher. "I'm sorry I yelled, and I know you're just trying to help me."

"Mm." Tsukada nods, accepting Hashimoto's apology. "Okay. I shouldn't have yelled either."

"I'll try not to if you won't?" Hashimoto finally drags his eyes the whole way up. Tsukada seems amused, at least.

"I'll try not to if you practice like you're supposed to," Tsukada corrects. "If you work as hard for me as you do for Tottsu or Gocchi."

Hashimoto's cheeks burn, but he nods. "Okay. I'll work harder, I promise."

They still yell at each other now and again, Tsukada says that Hashimoto is weird and Hashimoto complains that Tsukada is mean, but after that neither of them talk any more about Hashimoto not being able to do it or being kicked out.

"You look happy," Kawai says to Tsukada as they're changing back into street clothes, weeks later.

"Hasshi did a backflip," Tsukada informs him, grinning proudly. "And then he kissed me! Right on the—"

"No details until he's eighteen!" Kawai interrupts.

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