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Fic, 30 Kisses, (27) Oshare

Title: Oshare [Miyata/Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Fujigaya the delinquent
Summary: Fujigaya and Miyata get a drama together.
AN: 30 kisses, day 27, a day late since I fell asleep at like 9pm last night. snowqueenofhoth suggested more Miyata-sensei, and Fujigaya liking that way more than he was comfortable with.


After Bakalea starts airing, there is a shocking number of fan letters demanding more air-time for Miyata-sensei.

"Shocking," Fujigaya snorts. "That could be any number larger than five."

But he isn't laughing nearly so hard when he gets cast as the delinquent student in yet another drama, only this time his homeroom teacher is not from Roppongi.

More like Akihabara.

"Please take care of me?" Miyata offers him a sheepish smile; Fujigaya just glares. Can't they at least have the decency to cast him as a female delinquent one time?

"Then I could at least grow my hair back out," he grumbles, "geez."

"I think they keep sticking you in dramas so you can't do that," Tamamori theorizes, and the glare Fujigaya gives him sends him scuttling off as fast as he can go.

So they give Fujigaya yet another uniform, and he dutifully takes it home and accessorizes himself until he's satisfied with his reflection, much to his brothers' amusement. At least he's satisfied until he shows up on set the next day and sees how much Miyata's dark hair and nice jacket suit him. His earnest expression is even right on target, eyes dark and big when they blink at Fujigaya, full of concern. It's unexpectedly alluring.

No, bad Taisuke! he scolds himself. No having bad thoughts about Miyacchi!

But then they're in the classroom set to practice their scripts, randomly alone when the director gets called to an emergency with some of the other delinquents.

"Attendance is very important, Osawa-kun," Miyata says, and whoever wrote this dialogue should be fired, but the way Miyata says it… "Can't you think about your future a little more?" He's playing it a little different this drama, more authoritative, and it pushes Fujigaya's buttons a little harder, makes him want to rebel all the more.

What the hell, Fujigaya figures, he's supposed to be a delinquent after all. He pushes himself off the desk he's been slouching against and strolls up to Miyata, stepping into his personal space.

"Osawa-kun?" Miyata's eyes flash confusion, since this is for sure not in the script, and that's pretty alluring too.

"Should I be a bit more serious, sensei?" Fujigaya purrs, reaching up to wrap Miyata's tie around his hand. It slides over his skin, smooth and silky, and oh yeah, Fujigaya has definite plans for this wardrobe. "I can be serious."

He pulls on Miyata's tie to bring him within kissing distance, but just hovers there a second, mouths only a few millimeters apart, watching Miyata's eyes dart between Fujigaya's eyes and his mouth, then back again.

"Want to meet after class, sensei?" Fujigaya asks. Miyata's eyes darken just before Fujigaya closes his eyes and kisses him roughly, tongue teasing along the edge of Miyata's lips.

Just as suddenly he pulls away, leaving Miyata looking dazed and leaning heavily against the blackboard. He smirks as he turns to saunter off.


Fujigaya looks back over his shoulder, and Miyata is already back in character, eyeing Fujigaya sternly. Oh yeah, Fujigaya thinks, shivering pleasantly, this is gonna be a fun drama season. "Sensei?"

"See me after class about this," Miyata-sensei orders. He looks Fujigaya over, expression one of mild exasperation with his wayward student. "We'll have a chat about the proper way to wear that uniform."

Fujigaya grins, touching the tip of his tongue to the corner of his mouth, and gives Miyata a wink. He hopes the proper way to wear his uniform is in fact, not at all.

Well, maybe just the tie. "Yes, sensei."

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