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Fic, 30 Kisses, (28) Shake It Up

Apparently it's Fujigaya on TV day *l*

Title: Shake It Up [Fujigaya/Senga, Fujigaya/Nikaido]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: On the set of Kamen Rider Kiss, Fujigaya gives Senga and Nikaido a different kind of motivation for their "once friends now enemies" subplot.
AN: 30 kisses, day 28. Thanks to the T&T interruption, you get another 2-for-1, since I've only got two more days left to finish up the pairings list.

Shake It Up

Fifteen or so episodes into their Kamen Rider season, Senga and Nikaido's "once friends now enemies" sub-plot is shaping up nicely, in Fujigaya's opinion. With the one small problem that no director in the world can get them to believably act like they hate each other. They've been getting by so far by having them shoot longing looks at each other from afar and shoving each other around a little, but the next couple episodes are slated to focus on them, and Tamamori and Miyata already have the "torn between two sides" relationship covered.

"He betrayed you," the director says, "so now he's your worst enemy! Your relationship can never be repaired!"

"I know, I get it," Senga says meekly, and if he were even two years younger, Fujigaya would bet he'd be in tears by now, although it's unclear whether that would be from embarrassment that the director has to keep talking to him or from the thought of he and Nikaido not being best friends. He ducks his head in a bow. "I'll work harder."

At least the director is understanding. He claps Senga on the shoulder. "Why don't the two of you practice a bit here. I'll be checking the body doubles' fight sequence a for a few minutes."

"How come you never get yelled at?" Senga asks Nikaido, sulking.

The reason, Fujigaya can see plainly, is that Nikaido's expression at the idea of losing Senga is a permanent scowl, so at least he looks angry like he's supposed to. Or maybe it's more fuck-my-life than angry, but that's hot too, since he's supposed to be Fujigaya's little pet, new to the ways of evil and leather and eyeliner.

Fujigaya's been watching this entire exchange silently, amused, but decides that now is the time to intervene. Strolling over, he sneaks up behind Nikaido and leans against his back, slides an arm across his chest, pressing his cheek against Nikaido's.

"Mm, but he's mine now, right?" he purrs, Nikaido going stiff under his arm and against his chest. "I can play with him all I want, and you can't have him back."

Senga's expression darkens, and yup, right there, that's the look he's supposed to have, or at least closer. This director is doing it all wrong, so far as Senga is concerned. Because Senga is never going to be furious with Nikaido really, never irreparably, so you've got to give him something else to focus on.

"Quit it," Nikaido says, voice low, serious. Fujigaya ignores him.

"Even if you did switch sides," Fujigaya trails fingers over Nikaido's throat, lips ghosting over Nikaido's cheek, "I'm not sure I'd give up my new toy so easily…"

"Let go right now," Nikaido growls.

"HEY!" Senga snaps, eyes flashing.

"Ah, much better!" the director calls suddenly, making all of them look his way. Fujigaya steps back from Nikaido, smiling to himself. "Good work, Fujigaya-kun. How did you…" He glances from Senga's expression to Nikaido's. "No, never mind, don't tell me. But keep doing it."

"Oh, I plan to," Fujigaya chuckles, and neither Senga nor Nikaido needs further prompting to look furious the rest of the afternoon.

It's just too easy, too much fun, to play one of them off the other, easy enough that he might do it even if the script didn't call for it. They know they're being played, but it honestly just makes them easier targets. All Fujigaya has to do to get Senga riled up is wrap a casual arm around Nikaido's waist or hook fingers in his collar, all it takes to make Nikaido's eyes spark is for Fujigaya to lean in and whisper in Senga's ear, or even just make sure Nikaido is watching before he glances in Senga's direction and licks his lips suggestively.

The most fun is playing them off of each other, catching Senga alone and telling him to think about how much fun the three of them could be having if he would just switch sides, casually mentioning while doing Nikaido's eyeliner that Senga would look pretty damn hot like this too, right? Senga looks good as a hero, sure, but Nikaido looks even better as a fallen one…

"Tama's right, you are having way too much fun with this," Yokoo comments, shaking his head. "It's going to your head way worse than usual."

"I have to make up for your lack of evilness, don't I?" Fujigaya teases, pushing his bangs out of his face. "You got any hairpins on you?"

"Careful," Yokoo warns, digging around in his bag and handing two over. "This isn't like Kakumei, only a couple weeks. After a whole year of this, are you gonna remember which parts are playacting and which parts are real?"

"That's ridiculous," Fujigaya scoffs. "Go pick on them about how they haven't learned half their lines yet, why don't you?"

But then the writers decide that Fujigaya is taking it in the right direction, and suddenly they're all holding a script where Senga spends most of a two-part episode on the evil side.

"He's a double agent," the director explains. "He lets Nikaido-kun think he's finally won him over, but really he's just gathering information. When Yokoo-kun figures it out…"

"It's betrayal all over again," Nikaido finishes, and Senga squirms uncomfortably. He pages through the script a little. "I give him one more chance, for old times' sake, and he betrays me just like I betrayed him."

"The last chance," the director nods, "the very last chance."

Senga makes it until the director heads off to talk to some staff before he turns to Nikaido with panic in his eyes. "I definitely can't do this, Nika! There's no way I can! Giving you mean looks is one thing, but this is mmmfff!"

Kissing Senga is just the easiest way to shut him up, and when Fujigaya pulls back, Senga is still staring at him, mouth open in surprise.

"I get to dress you up and have you play fallen angel for two whole weeks of filming," Fujigaya flicks his forehead, making Senga wince, "so don't you dare screw it up! Acting bad is fun anyway, tell him, Nika-chan."

Nikaido grumbles something, maybe agreeing and maybe not, his script crumpled a little between his hands.

"Aw, don't worry, Nika-chan," Fujigaya purrs, leaning in closer, "once Ken-chan's back on Kitayama's loser team, we can go back to playing just you and me, you know, like usual? Well, hm, maybe Watta can watch. And you know," Fujigaya lets one hand trail carelessly down the front of Nikaido's T-shirt, to just above his naval, "putting back in your piercing did make all the difference."

"OI," Senga hollers as Fujigaya crushes his mouth against Nikaido's, other hand on the back of his head so that he can't pull away. "QUIT THAT!" And as it turns out, it's not so hard to get them to film a betrayal scene after all.

If you know how to go about it.

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