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The very last of the 30 kisses, only a couple days late. I actually held up really well this month, and i am proud of me. During April I wrote 34,479 words, which is an average of 1,149 a day O.o it sounds crazy when I write it like that. I'm hoping to stick to my goal of trying to write 500 words every day, because it for sure has made a huge difference in the last 2 months.

Anyway, hope you've been enjoying these, and if you were waiting until the end to comment on you are.

Title: Never My Love [Kitayama/Fujigaya]
Rating/Warnings: PG for kiss monsters
Summary: Kitayama and Fujigaya are the last two. They just hope an-an doesn't find out.
AN: 30 kisses, day 30. Not sure these two were worth saving for last, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Never My Love

"You know we're the last two, right?" Kitayama asks. It's only the two of them left, Yokoo having been sent off to drive Senga home properly and get some rest himself, leaving Kitayama and Fujigaya surrounded by notes and halves of lists and costume designs, the sea of concert planning detritus so deep that they can't even see the table.

"No shit?" Fujigaya eyes the mess around them pointedly.

"Not the last two here," Kitayama clarifies. "The last two who haven't kissed."

"Okay, firstly," Fujigaya drops his pen and rubs at his face, "I don't even want to know how you know that."

"I'm Leader." Kitayama smirks. "Members tell Leader all sorts of things~."

"I said I didn't want to know!" Fujigaya snaps. "And secondly, that can't be true. There's like eight hundred combinations! I mean, Miyacchi and Tama, sure, and Nika is a kiss monster, okay, but there's no way all of us have…with all of us."

"Oho?" Kitayama leans in conspiratorially. "How many have you kissed? Anybody left out?"

"I…" Fujigaya starts to say he definitely is missing some, but then thinks about the last couple home parties, and Macau…and shit, there was that one time in Miyata and Tamamori's hotel room.

And maybe some other times. His mouth pinches shut, but Kitayama just nods knowingly.

"There's actually only twenty-one combinations, mathematically," he soothes. "Remind me, did you or didn't you graduate high school?"

"Shut it," Fujigaya growls, pointing at him. "Okay, though, aside from me and kiss-monster-kun, Watta?"

"Told me last week his collection was complete," Kitayama says with a shrug. "He was playing hard to get, but Ken-chan was surprisingly persistent."

"Hard to get, my pink sparkly ass," Fujigaya snorts. "Fine. Senga I'd have to believe as well…that leaves…"

"Running out of members," Kitayama reminds, making Fujigaya roll his eyes.

"You and Miyacchi?" Fujigaya asks, raising an eyebrow in challenge.

Kitayama's grin is sharp and fond. "Tama-chan's been awfully busy with vocal practice."

"Ugh. Miyacchi and Nika?" Fujigaya presses. "Miyacchi and Ken-chan! There's no way either Nika or Tama would put up with that shit."

"Unless they get to watch," Kitayama says.

"Geez, what sort of junk are they all telling you?" Fujigaya wants to know, and then scrunches his whole face in displeasure when he recalls that Kitayama's been sharing Tamamori and Miyata's hotel rooms since roughly forever. "Never mind, what are we even talking about this for? Who cares if we are the last two?"

"If Duet finds out we're last two…" Kitayama lets his sentences dangle.

"And just why would they find that out?" Fujigaya asks, voice icy. Kitayama laughs. "If this is your way of booty-calling me, forget it."

"They might not do anything about it," Kitayama warns, sing-song. "They might pass on that juicy tidbit to another magazine. Like…an-an, let's say? Save them paying some foreign model, wouldn't it?"

"Don’t even joke about that!" Fujigaya balls up the paper in front of him and throws it at Kitayama's head. "And don't let Nisen hear you say that shit either, you'll give them ideas again!"

"Relax, relax," Kitayama swats away the paper, "don't get your leopard-print panties in a knot. Would it really be so bad, after all? You know, we're gonna be together forever now, pa~rtner."

"That just sent shivers down my spine," Fujigaya informs him flatly. "Can we please go back to work? Do you want to be here all night?"

"If it's with Tai-chan," Kitayama says sweetly, then breaks down into snickers when Fujigaya punches him hard in the arm.

A couple days later, the worst of the planning is over, and Kitayama is taking a well-deserved nap in the ready room while most of the group is having their solo shots done. He wakes up to the gentle pressure of lips against his, and even in his mostly-asleep state and with his eyes closed, he recognizes from experience to whom those lips belong.

Or rather, he recognizes them as a pair of lips he doesn't recognize from experience.

"Mm." Kitayama lets his eyes flutter open just enough to see Fujigaya's semi-grouchy expression, as if he's the one being sleep-attacked instead of the one playing kiss monster himself. "See? Not so bad. What made you change your mind?"

"Whatever." Fujigaya's gaze meets Kitayama's for only a second before sliding off to the side. "I don't trust our group not to leak secrets like us being last. I don't like being forced."

"You'll only do it if you want to? Mm. Hey," Kitayama reaches for Fujigaya's wrist when he starts to pull away, but his grip is loose, easy to break, "hey now. If I'm only getting the one, should be worth counting, right?"

Fujigaya just stares a moment, then huffs a cute, little sigh out of his nose. "Since it's just the once," he warns, and Kitayama nods.

Fujigaya's lips are warm and soft from gloss, now that Kitayama is awake enough to pay attention, his long hair tangling around Kitayama's fingers, and their second kiss is for sure worth counting.

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